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Viu announces launch of Viu Original ‘Secret Ingredient,’ first multi-market digital series together with Unilever Nutrition SEA and Indonesia

Starring Sang Heon Lee, Nicholas Saputra and Julia Barretto from South Korea,  Indonesia and the Philippines respectively

Viu, PCCW’s  leading pan-regional OTT video-streaming service operating in 16 markets, today  announced the launch of its first multi-market Viu Original, ‘Secret Ingredient,’ together with Unilever Nutrition SEA and Indonesia, featuring some of the most renowned artists  from South Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines. The food-inspired romantic dramedy  embarks on a delectable journey to enable Viu-ers to experience the notion that “love  comes in and embraces all flavors’”.

After the success of multi-market Viu Originals like The Bridge (S1/S2) and Pretty Little Liars, this would be the first time Viu is collaborating with South Korean talent. Secret  Ingredient marks not only the debut of Sang Heon Lee as the lead in an Asian drama, but  also that of acclaimed South Korean director Cho Young-kwang. Set against the  background of Jakarta, Indonesia and the Philippines, the cast is complete with multi-awarded actors including Indonesian heartthrob Nicholas Saputra and Filipina actress Julia Barretto.

Secret Ingredient will feature Unilever’s top nutrition brands from Indonesia and the  Philippines, including Royco, Bango, Knorr, Lady’s Choice, Sariwangi and Buavita.  

Commenting on the collaboration, Macce Samarista, Unilever Nutrition SEA and  Indonesia Lead for Digital Marketing, Media, and Commerce, said, “In a world where  consumers immerse themselves in a series for hours, our challenge is to rise above the  mundane and captivate audiences in a way that truly resonates. Through our partnership  with Viu, we’ve concocted something extraordinary—a series that doesn’t just entertain  but takes you on a journey through the vibrant cultures and delectable dishes of Indonesia  and the Philippines. Every episode is a celebration of diversity, a feast for the senses,  and an experience that everyone will look forward to. So, get ready to immerse yourself  in a series that goes beyond the ordinary—where entertainment meets artistry, and every  moment is exciting!

Derek Wong, Vice President, Viu Original, added, “At Viu, our commitment through our Originals is to be relevant to our Viu-ers. Secret Ingredient was conceptualized based on  the consumption insights on our service. It is a story that not only transcends borders but  also brings different cultures together in a more meaningful and authentic manner.  Partnering with Unilever Nutrition SEA and Indonesia also gives us the opportunity to be  a part of their ambition of being the force for good in the Southeast Asia food scene, which  equally values taste, health and cultural identity.

The series is scheduled to be released April 2024 and has begun shooting this month. Viu is free for download on the App Store, Google Play or Huawei app store. Follow Viu on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok, or  visit to discover more.

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