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UNIQLO Launches Holiday Collection for PEACE FOR ALL Charity T-Shirt Project

New T-shirts from designers including acclaimed Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron
and Japanese pop-culture icon ULTRAMAN, with all profits donated to charity

Global apparel retailer UNIQLO today announces the worldwide release of four new designs for its ongoing PEACE FOR ALL charity T-shirt project. Arriving just in time for the holiday season, the latest collection features chic designs from four creative collaborators with close ties to UNIQLO, and will be available from Friday, December 8. All profits from the sales of PEACE FOR ALL T-shirts are donated to projects undertaken by UNHCR (the UN refugee agency), Save the Children, and Plan International

For this new collection, contributors include celebrated Japanese artist Yu Nagaba, Pritzker Prize-winning Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron, Tokyo-based French architect, artist and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux, and ULTRAMAN, the legendary Japanese hero who is beloved around the world.

New PEACE FOR ALL Collection Collaborators

Yu Nagaba (Artist) / “Distant Voices, Close Hearts” Heartfelt bonds persist even when our loved ones happen to be far away. Sympathy and emotion connect us, transcending distance and borders. Physical distance is an afterthought, because our hearts are always linked. 

Herzog & de Meuron (Architects) We do not believe that a T-shirt can express much of a philosophical message. But it does eventually inspire some thoughts, make you imagine some dream or hear some song of a peaceful past. That is what we need so much these days.

Emmanuelle Moureaux (Architect, Artist, Designer) / “When I Saw the Earth for the First Time” I imagined a picture book with a title like this. The colorful sphere represents the earth, the yellow sphere represents the sun, and the child holding the balloon is you, the main character. The diversity of living creatures that exist on this earth creates and drives the beauty of the earth. I expressed that through the universality and infinity of color. I hope that colors will move people’s hearts.

ULTRAMAN (Ultraman) Since 1966, the Ultraman series has been a vehicle of courage, hope, and compassion, expressed through  Ultraman’s love for Earth and a cast of unique Kaiju. This design features the text “PEACE FOR ALL” alongside Ultraman Cosmos, a hero balancing strength and kindness who fought for a world in which people and monsters are able to coexist in peace.

Visit https://www.uniqlo.com/ph/en/contents/feature/peace-for-all/ to know more about the PEACE FOR ALL project.

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