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Sally Hansen Repair Rescue

Sally Hansen, a trusted name in the world of beauty celebrated for over 50 years of self-made beauty and the no. 1 nail brand in the USA, is proud to present the groundbreaking Repair + Rescue Treatment Collection. It’s a range of 5 innovative nail care products designed to help you unveil the natural beauty of your nails. 

Repair + Rescue Oil Bi-Phase Serum (Php 1,350)

At the heart of this collection lies the Repair + Rescue Oil Bi-Phase Serum. This unique skincare-inspired serum is clinically proven to improve moisture levels and provide daily hydration for your nails. The immediate improvement in skin hydration levels by more than 65% is a testament to its effectiveness.

Sally Hansen Repair Rescue Super Strength

Repair + Rescue Super Strength Defense (Php 1,150)

Unlock your nail’s true potential and discover beautiful, healthier-looking nails. Sally Hansen’s Repair + Rescue Super Strength Defence is clinically and consumer-tested to fortify fragile nails in just one week. Infused with skincare-inspired ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Iridescent Pearl, and Amethyst, it creates a flexible, protective barrier that not only helps nails feel harder and stronger but also makes them more resistant to breakage while enhancing the nail’s natural appearance.

Repair + Rescue Insta-Smooth Ridge Filler (Php 1,150)

Another standout product in this collection is the Insta-Smooth Ridge Filler, a self-leveling nail primer that instantly fills in ridges and conceals nail imperfections. With Hyaluronic Acid in its formula, it creates a voluminous effect on your nails, leaving them looking healthy, hydrated, restored, and smooth.

Sally Hansen Repair Rescue BiPhase

Sally Hansen Repair Rescue Color Corrector

Repair + Rescue Illuminating Color Corrector (Php 1,150)

The Illuminating Color Corrector instantly brightens your nails and reduces the appearance of discoloration. The iridescent pearl and brightener in its formula help to visually reduce nail discoloration, even out natural nail color, and conceal imperfections, providing healthier-looking nails that look refreshed and perfected.

Repair + Rescue Fungal Damage Solution with Precision Tip (Php 1,350)

For those struggling with brittle nails and fungal damage, Sally Hansen’s Repair + Rescue Fungal Damage Solution comes to the rescue. This solution with a precision tip helps brittle nails feel more hydrated and visibly improves the appearance of fungal-damaged nails in just two days.

Dare to go bare with Sally Hansen’s new Repair + Rescue Treatment Collection. A skincare-inspired, clinically and consumer-tested collection that visibly improves the overall appearance of your nails. Visit select Rustan’s, select Watsons, LOOK, Mitsukoshi BGC, Lazada, and Shopee to unlock your nail’s true potential.



Sally Hansen is exclusively distributed by Rustan Marketing Corporation and is available at Rustan’s Makati, Alabang, Shangri-La Plaza; The Landmark Makati, Trinoma and BGC, leading The SM Stores, Mitsukoshi Beauty, Rustans.comLazadaShopee, and ZALORA.


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