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Oakley Freedom Train: A Design You’ve Never Seen Before!






One of the best Italian sportswear brand, Oakley, launched its newest collection through a fashion show entitled “Oakley Freedom Train” on November 17 in White Space Manila.

Aside from constantly innovating its eyewear pieces, Oakley has now upgraded the ordinary sportswear that people used to see by giving a brand new look at the whole collection.




Jawbreaker Atomic Orange Fire Iridium Polarized


This new collection is modernized by having a mixture of unique prints and colors while still retaining the technology that Oakley is known for.

The whole apparel line is dedicated for golf, biking, lifestyle and training wear.

In addition, the items that are shown in the fashion show feature the Ohydrolix fabric.

It is a cloth that maximizes comfort by transporting perspiration away from skin and carrying it to the outer surface where it can quickly evaporate.

It will not just make sports enthusiasts look good, but it will also enhance their performance during their trainings.

Hop on the Oakley Freedom Train and get off at the brand that lets fashion meet with function.

Oakley continuously provides you with the best quality products that suite your everyday lifestyle.

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