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Unlock your career potential: Five must-know insights from the 2024 PFIP Workplace Report

On April 30, 2024, the Philippine Financial & Inter-Industry Pride (PFIP) launched its 2024 PFIP LGBTQ+ Workplace Inclusion Report at the University of the Philippines (UP) School of Statistics Auditorium in Diliman, Quezon City. The report drew insights from over 80 companies across diverse industries, providing insights into workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). Here’s everything you need to know from this report:

The UP School of Statistics Auditorium filled with distinguished guests from media, business, and various sectors.

• PFIP champions LGBTQ+ workplace inclusivity. Since its establishment in 2013, the non-profit organization, consisting of LGBTQ+ employee resource group representatives and human resource/diversity professionals from private firms in the Philippines, has championed progressive DE&I policies for Filipino LGBTQ+ talents, advocating for workplace inclusion so they can thrive without fear of gender-based discrimination and/or harassment.

• The progress of DE&I policies in the local workplace. Corporate leaders, HR professionals, DE&I advocates, and members of the LGBTQ+ community participated in the launch event. The presentation of the report’s findings showcased collaborative efforts driving workplace inclusion in the Philippines. Furthermore, the panel discussions included industry experts and LGBTQ+ advocates sharing experiences and best practices for fostering inclusive work environments.

• More and more corporations are becoming inclusive for everyone. The 2024 PFIP LGBTQ+ Workplace Inclusion Report highlighted the progress made in the implementation of LGBTQ+ inclusion policies across diverse companies such as Aboitiz Power Corporation, Cebu Pacific, GCash, and JP Morgan Chase & Co. have adopted comprehensive DE&I policies, providing equal medical, insurance, and family-related benefits to LGBTQ+ employees as to their non-LGBTQ+ counterparts. These companies also establish mechanisms to address workplace bullying, harassment, and discrimination, alongside forming support systems like LGBTQ+ employee resource groups and ally networks.

• Many programs advocate for LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion. The event served as a platform to review PFIP’s ongoing projects and initiatives designed to support LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion. The Pride Summit, for instance, facilitates dialogue among industry leaders on implementing DE&I strategies. The Rainbow Youth Academy, another PFIP initiative, focuses on empowering young LGBTQ+ talents through work training, financial inclusion, and internship opportunities. Complementary to these initiatives are educational modules like “Trans 101: Focus on the Transgender Experience” and “Decoding Unconscious Bias in the Workplace,” which provide deeper insights into LGBTQ+ issues.

• PFIP’s relentless commitment continues. Committed to advancing workplace diversity, PFIP has had a measurable impact on talent engagement, focus, and retention. LGBTQ+ employees now express a greater sense of belonging and satisfaction, allowing them to grow professionally and personally within a supportive environment. These initiatives have resulted in a broader representation of LGBTQ+ talent across all levels within member firms.

The PFIP Board of Trustees graced the esteemed media guests with a brief question and answer portion as they probed on the survey’s insights.

For those seeking career paths with inclusive growth and shared values, PFIP encourages professionals to pursue opportunities where authenticity and inclusivity are celebrated. To learn more about LGBTQ+ inclusive companies and initiatives, visit

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