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New Balance celebrates Grey Days throughout May, honoring its timeless signature color and brand legacy

The brand will launch the short film “Grey Days”, alongside a host of exciting new footwear and apparel

New Balance announces its multi-week celebration of Grey in May spotlighting the new and classic expressions of the brand’s enduring legacy in its signature color. In service of building a superior running shoe in the 1980s, New Balance introduced the color Grey intentionally, a choice made with the same level of consideration as any performance feature.

In keeping with the fearlessly independent New Balance ethos, the color Grey stood out amongst its competitors, while proving to be a perfect complement to the concrete and asphalt backdrop of urban road running. Before long, people noticed that Grey running shoes looked good anywhere. While the models have evolved over the years with ever changing technology and materials, Grey continues to embody New Balance’s timeless quality and style, in every form.

In tribute to Grey, on May 10, the brand will release a short film titled “Grey Days” paying homage to the New Balance’s pervasive impact on the many facets of Global sneaker culture from sport to street, and everything in between. There will be seven vignettes leading to one seven-minute film, each vignette will portray a different aspect of the brand’s history. The film, from new imprint American Haiku, was written in collaboration between creative directors Thom Glover and Daniel Wolfe, alongside Elliott Power, director of photography Norm Li, with perfectly realized 1960s retro animation from Stray London and still photography by Samuel Bradley.

This film celebrates not only what Grey means to us as a brand, but also what it means to New Balance consumers. It recognizes sub-cultural New Balance fans who have stood by our brand and the emblem of Grey for generations,” said Chris Davis, Chief Marketing Officer and senior vice president of merchandising at New Balance. “It also recognizes the ubiquity of the color Grey, appealing to people everywhere from supermodels in London, to dads in Ohio, to sneaker connoisseurs in Tokyo. Grey is a color for all that represents authenticity, versatility, and timelessness, carrying our heritage into the future.

The brand will also launch several exclusive products throughout the month including:

• May 10. The Grey Shop launches in New Balance stores and will include new and existing Grey styles from our lifestyle, performance, Numeric, and kids ranges, including the 327, 574, 550, and a selection of timeless Grey apparel.

• May 17. The ‘Grey Days’ WRPD Runner and 1906R launch. These special-edition designs feature material mixes and distressed details inspired by the timelessness of stone.

• May 20. The Fresh Foam X 1080 ‘Grey’ launches. Suede detailing and a classic, tonal grey colorway provide a heritage-inspired take on our pinnacle running shoe.  

• May 23. District Vision x New Balance SC Elite v4 collaboration launches globally along with a range of apparel.

• May 23. The KAWHI IV launches. The modern design of this state-of-the-art basketball shoe offers consumers high-performance features, complimented by a sophisticated, lifestyle-influenced aesthetic that allows it to flex between the court and the street.

• May 24. The ‘Grey’ Coco CG1 and Fresh Foam Audazo Numeric launch. The special-edition Coco Gauff signature design features hairy suede accenting and neutral detailing.

Visit https://www.newbalance.com to know more.

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