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Make Sleep Your Sanctuary: Live out these tips from Emma for a comfy and healthy slumber this World Sleep Day!

Embrace the power of rest and transform the way you sleep with Emma, The Sleep Company.

Difficulty falling asleep is not an unfamiliar concern for many of us. From an irregular sleep cycle to increasingly feeling hot throughout the night, or simply facing difficulties falling asleep, it can occasionally be frustrating, especially when all we’d like is to doze off. Fortunately, there are also just as many ways to address the way we sleep.

That’s why as World Sleep Day kicks off this March 15, Emma continues to be in the pursuit of promoting healthy sleep habits, by making sleep solutions available to all Filipinos. Ensuring every consumer gets a perfect night’s sleep to be in top shape for the next day, Emma also focuses on the highest research and development standards to ensure their products are built to last—and your sleep remains undisturbed!

To avoid more sleepless nights, take the following tips from Emma to heart to sleep more comfortably, peacefully, and healthily than you have before.

Tip 1: Sleep that’s uniquely you. We all have our ways of falling asleep – some prefer ambient sounds, some like soft lighting nearby. Consider upgrading your room set-up with the embrace of an Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress with the Emma All-Seasons Duvet providing optimal temperature regulation and customizable comfort, this pair will have you dozing off in no time.

Tip 2: A cooler sleep is a cozier sleep. The summer season is fast approaching, and now that having a comfortably cool sleep is not a lost cause—this is part of exactly what Emma aims to address in crafting their products. Emma’s R&D has resulted in their Diamond Degree Cooling Technology—consisting of thermally-conductive graphite particles that reduce your heat build-up in sleep by absorbing and drawing heat away from your body. Emma Sleep mattresses are also equipped with a hydrophilic graphite layer, absorbing and drying moisture to help you keep cool while dozing off.

Tip 3: Posture check! Emma recognizes how spinal alignment is to sleep quality, and that’s why their sleep experts have ensured their products feature graphite-infused memory foam layers and adaptive pocket springs, giving proper ergonomic support and easy adaptation to your body’s shape.

Tip 4: The wonders of intimacy. Little do we know it, but sleep quality can do wonders when we have that special someone to be our slumber partner. Make the most out of your time together—even when prepping to doze off. With Emma mattresses, take your sleep to the next level by investing in some quality time—from cuddling to have that much-needed stress release, watching your favorite movie together, to going to bed at the same time, balance sleep and love to drift off to sleep before you know it!

Tip 5: Commit to a bedtime routine, and stick to it. Routines give us comfort and a sense of familiarity and control, and they are also just as applicable when we’re preparing for bed. Fight off a sleepless night by finding what works for you, and stick to those little steps in your routine that make up one precious slumber altogether.

Whether it be a multi-step skincare routine or some pre-sleep yoga, feel your body eventually thanking you for these moments, especially so when you cap off your routine.

Awaken Your Best with Emma! This World Sleep Day, turn these tips into habits and make rest your sanctuary with Emma Sleep’s wide range of products, all designed to give you the best night’s sleep. Don’t miss out on up to 20% off site-wide and get an additional 5% off using the code WSD5 until the end of March 2024, free shipping nationwide, and a 100-night trial period for the full Emma Experience.

For more information about Emma and its innovative sleep solutions, please visit https://www.emma-sleep.com.ph/. Learn more about Emma and its offerings by following their Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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