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FENDI Filo ballerina: Effortless sophistication through a golden thread

FENDI announces the availability of the FENDI Filo, a new ballerina flat that reflects FENDI’s longstanding mastery in materials and the Maison’s innovative spirit. 

Introduced during the recent Women’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection show, the FENDI Filo features  a linking thread (or ‘filo’ in Italian). Found attached to the shoes is the Selleria saddle stitch, that finds form in a new abstract metallic golden encircling anklet on the new FENDI Filo ballerina.

FENDI Filo ballerina has a round toe and essential lines defined by a softly scrunched upper that is hand-crafted by expert artisans of the FENDI shoe factory in the Marche region, who thread every elastic and adjust every scrunch by hand.

The FENDI Filo ballerina is created using a rubber injection process that is normally reserved for sneaker and moccasin styles. Crafted on a soft and flexible base of suede, the sole features an all-over pattern of rubber studs that are assembled in a signature touch featuring the FENDI script.

The minimal and feminine shape of the ballerina is complemented by a mix of details that guarantee a perfect fit and comfortable wear, as well as a sophisticated, feminine look. The signature metallic element and closure—revived from an archival Spring/Summer 2001 sandal—becomes an angelic halo on the ankle, in a functional representation of the Selleria thread turned into gold.

FENDI Filo ballerina comes in tones of light blue, neutral beige, classic black and warm brown. A statement exotic version in karung leather is coloured in beige to emphasize the natural beauty of the pattern.

Available in FENDI boutiques worldwide and on www.fendi.com. 

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