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Liza Soberano shines in Deoproce’s ‘Skincare Beyond Compare’ campaign

Liza Soberano continues to mesmerize as the face of skincare excellence, Deoproce.

Deoproce, the forefront of Korean skincare excellence in the Philippines, stands as the local best-selling brand with innovative skincare solutions. Its commitment to providing premium products mirrors the dedication of ZFace Inc., its official distributorship in the Philippines. As partners sharing the same vision, they collectively strive to bring a touch of Korean beauty expertise to the local market.

With Deoproce’s newest “Skincare Beyond Compare” campaign, Liza Soberano continues to embody radiant beauty and sophistication. She became the first Filipino ambassador of Deoproce last year and continues to become the face of Deoproce inspiring the local beauty market. 

As the newest “Skincare Beyond Compare” campaign unfolds, it finds its ideal counterpart in Liza. Her partnership is a genuine advocate and representation of the brand’s commitment to revolutionary skincare. In this relaunch of Deoproce, the synergy between the campaign and Liza’s ambassadorship creates a harmonious narrative, inviting you to a transformative journey that redefines beauty standards. 

With Liza Soberano as the ideal face of Deoproce, it not only revitalizes its image but sets a new benchmark for skincare excellence, promising a future where you can achieve skin that goes beyond standards.

Stay updated with Liza’s skincare tips in Deoproce Philippines. Like and follow @Deoproce Philippines on Facebook, on Instagram and TikTok, @deoproce on X.

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