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Strength and conditioning training: Achieving your goal with proper coaching

Given their expertise and emphasis on strength and conditioning training, Kinetix + will undoubtedly assist you in achieving your objective of maximizing your strength.

If there is one important investment in your life that you must prioritize, it is your health. Maintaining a well-rounded diet, enhancing physical strength, and striving for a life free from stress will always constitute an ideal combination. Strength training not only promotes muscle development, but also enhances metabolism, reduces the likelihood of injuries by improving mobility and flexibility.

Coach Marlon Lugue, co-founder of Kinetix +, the first luxury boutique gym in the Philippines, believes that strength training should begin as early as possible. “It’s a process of progression. There are still considerations in terms of age and gender but the overall template and approach should always be to get stronger as early as possible… You don’t necessarily focus on strength; you primarily expose that child in all types of movement. That will be their firm foundation,” says Coach Marlon.

Kinetix + ‘s head of Recovery Services Luis Gatmaytan notes that strength training comprises more than simply heavy lifting; it also includes other sorts of movement. That if one is properly guided, they will attain their aim of becoming stronger over time. Aside from its overall well-curated and exceptional facility, Kinetix + takes pride in the quality of its coaches and physiotherapists. Undeniably, they exhibit great attention to detail when it comes to selecting their coaches. It is essential that they are graduates in Sports Science or Physical Therapy, and it would be useful if they possess recognized international accreditation.

Kinetix Fitness Manager Iggy Baldovino states that candidates would be subjected to written, floor exams, and onboarding procedures to assess their proficiency in technical and soft skills. Kinetix employs a systematic coaching methodology that prospective team members must acquire in order to become part of the pool of Kinetix + coaches. Regarding physiotherapists, Luis states that the hiring procedure is not too intensive. However, it is their training process that is notably lengthy. “We do have a training program in-house that all the therapists go through. It’s a rotating procedure, it’s a continuous thing because we do have manual therapy techniques that are quite unique and not something easily learned on your own,” says Luis.

Receiving guidance from a coach at Kinetix + is like receiving support from a team of experts, all working together to assist you in attaining your objective of reaching your strongest self. While the primary interaction will occur between the Kinetix + coach and the client, the coach will have the opportunity to seek guidance from the entire Kinetix team, which includes other coaches, the in-house nutritionist for addressing the client’s dietary concerns, and any of the physiotherapists for offering advice on any musculoskeletal problems the client may have.

Our main proposition is Yes, if you get to be trained by a coach at Kinetix +, you’ll only interact with one but know that you’ll be taken cared for by an entire team. If an issue might arise, for example during the client’s training, the coaches, including myself, and experts from other Kinetix branches, are readily available for consultation. That’s how the process works. For the price of one, you’ll be getting the entire services of around 30 to 40 coaches plus other experts from our team,” assures Coach Marlon. Luis further highlights the rationale behind their limited membership capacity, ensuring efficient care for each member.

Kinetix + is anticipating an exciting year as they aim to consistently meet their clients’ requirements in the areas of strength training, recovery, and nutrition. This month, they will kick off their group training programs, their complimentary semi-private strength training sessions of several classes, exclusively available at Kinetix +. In addition, they will also organize community initiatives aimed at promoting increased engagement among members, primarily in the café of the gym. Kinetix + will also mount social gatherings, talks, and participation in events that align with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

For further information on how Kinetix + can assist you in beginning or continuing your journey towards strength, please visit their official website at However, it would be advisable if you can visit the gym and meet with a coach on Level 3, Shops at Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati.

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