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McDonald’s launches a SEA-licious experience with their NEW Crispy Fish Fillet Sandwich

Satisfy your seafood cravings with McDonald’s irresistible crispy catch!

McDonald’s is making waves with their exciting launch of a sea-licious treat—the NEW AND LIMITED-TIME OFFER Crispy Fish Fillet Sandwich! This crispy catch features a crispy and golden brown fish patty paired with melty cheese, tangy tartar sauce and soft, toasty buns for an unmatched seafood experience.

Head to your nearest McDonald’s and enjoy the perfect blend of the much-loved (and much-craved!) fish patty, cheese, tartar sauce and soft buns. The Crispy Fish Fillet Sandwich is McDonald’s latest offering to elevate the fast-food experience, showcasing a harmonious blend of crispy textures and savory seafood flavors that will leave taste buds craving for more.

Available for a limited time only, the Crispy Fish Fillet Sandwich paired with the peach and lychee flavors of the ice-cold Sprite X PeaChee Fruit Fizz and McDonald’s World Famous Fries promises a tasty journey that will surely delight everyone seeking a delicious seafood option!

And if the sea-licious Crispy Fish Fillet Sandwich leaves you wanting something more extra, McDonald’s has got you! Explore an extra layer of the crowd favorite fish patty and indulgence with the Double Crispy Fish Fillet Sandwich. This tasty treat elevates your fish-in-a-bun experience, letting you enjoy more sea-liciousness that’s perfect for those who simply can’t get enough!

Make sure to grab the new and limited-time offer Crispy Fish Fillet Sandwich and Double Crispy Fish Fillet Sandwich via Dine-In, Take-Out, Drive-Thru, and McDelivery!

For more information on this exciting fish in a bun experience, follow McDonald’s Philippines on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all McDonald’s announcements.

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