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Kinetix Lab opens in One Ayala Makati

The premier strength and conditioning gym in the country opens its main HQ in Makati

Kinetix Lab, the premier strength and conditioning gym in the Philippines, has opened another location in the heart of the commercial sector to encourage individuals to become stronger. The location, situated on the third level of One Ayala Mall, is ideal for individuals who both work and reside in Makati. Kinetix Lab’s primary goal for its members is to help them on their journey to strength. Allowing each individual to reach their full potential, both physically and mentally.

The New Year brings new opportunities for improvement, particularly in terms of strengthening your body and mindset.  What better approach to improve your entire physical health than to visit and be a member at Kinetix Lab One Ayala, which will undoubtedly jumpstart your ability to be stronger. “Strength training is essential because it has a cascading effect on various aspects of fitness. When your baseline for strength training gets better, everything else follows, including your mobility and endurance,” affirms Coach Mike Santos, Kinetix Lab’s Quality Assurance Manager.

Coach Mike, a licensed nurse, has almost a decade of expertise in the fitness industry. Just like all the coaches at Kinetix Lab, he believes that strength training reduces the risk of injury. “For example, if you choose to perform cardio first, your tendons may be unprepared for such exercises, increasing your risk of injury,” says Coach Mike.

Strength training, which has the biggest metabolic demands, is also the best approach to lose weight. If the metabolic demands are high, fat loss and muscle growth occur more quickly,” shares Coach Nelson Ancheta, Kinetix Lab’s Regional Manager for the South. Also a registered nurse, Coach Nelson has been into powerlifting since college and in 2016 participated in Philippines’ Strongest Man making him part of the first batch to compete in the country. Both coaches work closely to bring together and maintain the common goal of all Kinetix Lab branches, which is the importance of strength and condition training.

Kinetix Lab One Ayala is the third and largest branch of Kinetix Lab thus far. The gym offers a spacious floor area measuring 850 square meters, which allows for a more welcoming and concentrated workout experience. In addition to its top-notch equipment suitable for individuals at all skill levels, the facility offers the expertise of certified coaches who possess international accreditation and extensive knowledge in Sports Science, medical allied courses, and Active Sports. These professionals are readily available to guide you in developing a stronger physique and mental well-being using the correct methods.

Kinetix Lab One Ayala also has a recovery room that offers recovery services such as air boots (pneumatic compression), blading, cupping, and dry needling to name a few. “Sleep, nutrition, and physical therapy are all elements that contribute to recovery. Our recovery is not limited to rehab; it can also be used as prehab for injury prevention. Micro tears occur when lifting, which is a normal part of the strength training process. However, our bodies have a threshold. The recovery room can help you recuperate so you can perform better in the weight room or in any other activity outside of the facility,” says Coach Mike. “If you are experiencing limited mobility, our recovery room can assist you in overcoming this constraint,” Coach Nelson adds.

Group training will also be launched at Kinetix Lab One Ayala. Kinetix Lab’s group training will distinguish themselves from other commercial gyms’ group “classes” by adhering faithfully to the fitness center’s training principle. The group training already has its branding: Kinetix Barbell, which teaches the principles of the barbell, Kinetix Mobility, which teaches dynamic stretches similar to yoga, Kinetix Core, which is simply and exclusively for core training, and Kinetix Conditioning, which is high intensity training. “Our instructors serve as both coaches and mentors,” emphasizes Coach Nelson, guaranteeing that members attain optimal results as long as they exert the necessary work and maintain discipline.

Kinetix Lab One Ayala is now open for membership. To obtain information, you may contact them via their social media accounts or their official website at https://www.kinetixlab.com.ph/ . Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to personally visit the gym in order to witness its state-of-the-art amenities and have the opportunity to engage in conversation with a coach.

Kinetix Lab is located at the 3F One Ayala, Makati City.

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