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A Journey of Discovery and Adventure

“Banwa Private Island—A Two-Part Adventure” premiere screening filmed on location and produced by Asian Air Safari

This week, over 200 guests from the Philippines, Hong Kong and beyond were treated to a preview of a movie documentary, “Banwa Private Island—A Two Part Adventure,” filmed on location and produced by Asian Air Safari.

Banwa Private Island is the gateway to the incredibly rich and diverse marine and land ecology in Palawan. ‘Banwa’ actually means ‘community’ in the local Palawano language and the Tagbanwa people are considered guardians of the region’s indigenous nature. Proceeds from the island directly contribute to educational and infrastructure projects in the area through its Aquos Foundation whose ethos is to support, nurture and protect the island’s unique biodiversity.

The documentary highlights how guests are coming from around the world to explore the culture, history and ecology of this unique region.  A truly private island with just 6 beautiful villas, guests enjoy un-paralleled hospitality from the Banwa Private Island team whilst being entranced by the nature, wildlife, beaches and stunning turquoise water in this mosquito free environment.  Within just a 20-minute radius, there are an array of activities including snorkeling, diving, hiking, an underground river, waterfalls and unique wildlife indigenous to the area.

Captain Joy Road and Richard Beattie (centre) flanked by  Banwa Private Island and Asian Air Safari teams.

The documentary was produced by the enigmatic and humbling Captain Joy Roa, CEO of Asian Air Safari, who commented:  “I was given a beautiful opportunity to visit this incredible island with its rich bio-diversity, right in our own backyard in the Philippines. Flying with the helicopter for only two hours from Manila allowed me to see this private world—a distinctive combination of luxurious pampering and hospitality, wildlife encounters, and authentic, meaningful interactions with the local community. Experiencing it all first-hand makes me proud that an award-winning, world-class property like Banwa Private Island can be found in the Philippines, because it defines what positive, impactful travel should be.”

Banwa Private Island is the vision of Richard Beattie who has been exploring the region for over 20 years and cannot escape the charm and lure of these islands.  Richard commented, “We are so grateful to Captain Joy and his brilliant team for this incredible documentary.  It enables people to have an insight into the sounds, smells, culture and scenery of this almost unknown region and Captain Joy immersed himself into every aspect of what the region offers.  His generosity is unbounded, and he appears to have found quite a few future pilots for his team from the eager local school children!”

Guests enjoy the hospitality ahead of the “Banwa Private Island : A Journey of Discovery and Adventure” movie documentary screening

The screening was attended by an international audience made up of past island guests, those planning to visit in the future and the best of the luxury travel trade who have already booked guest visits to the island from far-away places such as Brazil, China and Europe—and perhaps surprisingly many from Manila who were previously unaware of the adventure that awaits them in Palawan.

The two-part documentary will be available for public viewing in March.

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