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Grab Outlines New Affordable Solutions So YOU Can Enjoy More for Less

Imagine a life where top-notch transportation and delivery services don’t break the bank. That’s the forward-thinking reality Grab Philippines is crafting with its latest series of wallet-friendly offerings. GrabCar Saver, GrabFood Saver Delivery, and GrabFood Saver Meals, alongside innovative subscription plans like GrabUnlimited and Grab Ride Saver, are redefining what it means to live smartly and affordably in today’s fast-paced world.

The visionary country head of Grab Philippines Grace Vera Cruz articulates this bold new direction, “At Grab, we go beyond providing everyday services to our consumers, we are playing an active role towards enriching the lives of our kababayans across the country. We understand that safety, reliability, and convenience are the cornerstones of a modern, dynamic life, and with our latest cost-effective solutions, we’re inviting more Filipinos to experience a better way of living without the financial strain—made possible through our superapp.

GrabCar Saver can be easily availed from the roster of other GrabCar taxi types

Elevating Everyday Travel More Affordably

Throughout the Philippines’ busy streets, Grab is transforming the daily commute. Enter GrabCar Saver: an innovative service slicing fares by up to 15% compared to regular GrabCar fares. Initially launched in Pampanga and Metro Manila – while setting sights on expansion to other cities soon, GrabCar Saver offers the same top-notch ride-hailing experience that Grab is known for, priced more affordably. Passengers just need to wait for a little longer to be allocated a GrabCar Saver ride. This allows driver-partners to carefully evaluate the passenger’s destination and the associated fare arrangement, offering a fair and transparent experience for both parties involved. Along with GrabCar Saver, another cost-saving option that commuters can avail of is GrabShare, a carpooling feature on Grab that matches a passengers going the same direction offering as much as 30% savings from regular GrabCar ride.

Grab partnered with its extensive network of merchant-partners to provide affordable and satisfying meals via Saver Meals P99—an official category on the GrabFood homepage

Culinary Adventures for Less

Across food and grocery deliveries, Grab shines as the culinary curator and Filipinos’ go-to app for anything and everything food. According to the 2023 Grab Food and Grocery Trends Report, more and more consumers are choosing Grab for their dining and shopping needs. The GrabFood Saver Delivery option is a delightful twist, offering the joy of significantly lower fees for a slightly longer waiting time. Simultaneously, the Saver Meals P99 category opens a treasure trove of gastronomic delights, all starting at a mere P99. It’s a celebration of good food, great prices, and the convenience of on-demand delivery.

Boosting Value-for-Money with Subscription Plans

Subscription plans are an effective way of enjoying a bang-for-buck experience on platforms like Grab. The 2023 Grab Food and Grocery Trends Report showed that subscribers to the superapp’s very own GrabUnlimited ordered 2.4x more per month versus non-subscribers—a showcase of the value GrabUnlimited brings to its subscribers. Recently, the leading superapp enhanced GrabUnlimited, featuring exclusive discount deals for GrabFood, GrabMart, and GrabCar. This industry-first subscription plan goes beyond on-demand delivery, providing the ultimate superapp experience. GrabUnlimited is now more accessible with multi-month plans. The annual plan, priced at P240, reduces the subscription cost to a budget-friendly P20 per month, delivering on its bang-for-buck promise.

Maintaining a Robust Marketplace

Vera Cruz shares that Grab is aggressive in its efforts to maintain the robustness of the Grab platform to ensure that every stakeholder gets to maximize every peso spent and earned on the platform. “Concurrent to broadening the accessibility of our services, the affordability strategy of Grab is also to make sure that our driver- and merchant-partners get to serve more consumers, which effectively boosts their earnings potential on our platform. This affordability strategy complements other initiatives that enhance the efficiency and productivity of our partner communities, ultimately resulting in stronger income streams and sustainable growth.”

In essence, Grab’s latest initiatives are more than just new cost-saving features; they represent a lifestyle transformation for each and every Filipino. They’re about enjoying life’s pleasures – a smooth ride, a delicious meal, a well-planned grocery haul – all without the worry of breaking the bank. 

Welcome to the new era of smart, affordable living with Grab!

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