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Coca-Cola and Riot Games launch Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar—a limited-edition drink and flavor inviting players to enjoy the taste of Experience Points (+XP)

First Gaming Company Collaboration for Coca-Cola flavor released in the Philippines alongside League of Legends Emotes

Coca-Cola launched a new limited-edition flavor from Coca-Cola Creations in collaboration with Riot Games, the publisher and developer of League of Legends. Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar will provide fans and players the taste of experience points (+XP) and celebrate every player’s journey—whether it’s their first time on the Rift or on the Finals stage at Worlds in pursuit of the Summoner’s Cup. 

Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar is the first collaboration with a gaming company on a Coca-Cola flavor, bringing together teams from Riot Games and Coca-Cola to co-create a flavor that will give players an exhilarating taste as they queue up for a game. Accompanying the product’s release, in-game and digital experiences will bring the excitement of the Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar collaboration to players across the globe.   

We’re excited for players to taste the new +XP flavor, a unique and bespoke collaboration with Coca-Cola, a globally recognized brand loved by millions,” said David Mulhall, Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Riot Games. “They share many of the player-focused values we have at Riot, and we are honored to be the first gaming collaboration for Coca-Cola Creations.”  

For an interactive experience, players will be transported to the Coca-Cola Creations Hub, the home for unique Coca-Cola Creations digital experiences, by scanning the QR code on a Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar bottle or can. One offer available now on the Creations Hub is the Ultimate Emote Generator, an Instagram filter allowing players to view themselves in the style of League of Legends emotes for social sharing.

Partnering with Riot Games enables us to further advance the Coca-Cola Creations experience. As we introduce this fresh flavor, we embody our united commitment to prioritizing our fans and players in all our endeavors. And we’re bringing this drink here in the Philippines, especially for Filipino fans of both Coca-Cola and League of Legends,” said Adrian Manlapig, Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola Philippines. “Coca-Cola Ultimate boasts a striking design, delivers a unique taste of +XP for gamers during their adventures, and elevates their gaming experience by giving them a refreshing drink.

Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar fuses the two iconic brands with a striking packaging design that features black and various shades of gold. The familiar Coca-Cola Creations logo is also complemented by a bespoke ‘Ultimate’ crest and energized with a magical blue Hextech glow. The design showcases a unique expression of the recognizable Coca-Cola Spencerian Script font, inspired by the Nexus Crystals in League of Legends.

Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar is a limited-edition innovation from Coca-Cola Creations so don’t miss the chance and grab it now in your nearest store, available nationwide in the Philippines starting August.

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