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BeauCon Manila 2023: Epicenter of Beauty Unites the Titans of TikTok Brands

BeauCon Manila 2023:

The Epicenter of Beauty Unites the Titans of TikTok Brands

The Ultimate Beauty Trade Fair Celebrates the Most Trending CEO of TikTok Beauty Brands

BeauCon Manila brought together and celebrated the CEOs of Trending TikTok Brands.

In a dazzling showcase of innovation, industry connections, and cutting-edge beauty trends, BeauCon Manila 2023 held at the SM Megatrade Hall 3, SM Megamall on September 8-9, brought together an eclectic mix of beauty enthusiasts, e-commerce beauty brands, suppliers, manufacturers, and industry professionals. But what set this year’s event apart from the rest was the remarkable presence of some of the most trending CEOs of TikTok beauty brands.

An Event Like No Other

Innovative Pair, COO Carlo Paita and CEO Acee Sayson-Paita the visionaries behind Freshies and Juicy Tushie surprised BeauCon Manila’s attendees with the appearance of their brand ambassador Jane De Leon.

BeauCon Manila, known as the Philippines’ premier beauty trade fair, has become synonymous with beauty excellence. It’s not just an event; it’s a movement that unites the entire beauty industry under one roof. This annual extravaganza is a dynamic platform designed to foster connections, provide industry insights, and immerse attendees in the world of beauty like never before.

Trending Online Beauty Brands’ CEO Powerhouse

In photo from left to right: Eleonor Roma (CEO of Simply Hue), Chryz Fadriquela (Regional distributor of Freshies NCR), Acee Paita (CEO of Jujuglow, Freshies & Juicy Tushie), and Arriane Recella (CEO of Barefaced)

BeauCon Manila 2023 was a pivotal moment in the event’s history, as it played host to the CEOs of some of TikTok’s most influential beauty brands, revolutionizing the beauty industry and making waves on social media. 

Micheal Rey Almazan (COO of Hikari) and Ralph Lim (CEO of Hikari)
SCT Unlimited and Skin Can Tell brand owners Ian Jansen Landicho and Sol Caco-Landicho, with influencer Daisee Valentin and her daughter Winky.

Among these luminaries were CEO Acee Sayson-Paita, the visionary behind Freshies and Juicy Tushie, whose innovative products and holistic wellness advocacy. Paula Terese, CEO of Babe Formula, You Glow Babe CEO Jizel ManglitRalph Lim & Michael Rey Almazan, CEOs of Hikari, Rosemar CEO Rosemarie Pamulaklakin-TanAnna Magwakas, CEO of Luxe Skin, Bare Faced CEOs Arriane Reyes-Recella & Eleanor Casao-Roma, Jenna Essence CEO Jenna Reyes, J Skin Beauty CEO Johan Lauyan, Skin Can Tell Sct Limited CEO Sol Caco-Landicho, and Magara CEO Eden Gallanis Tayag.

A Transformative Experience

Unlike traditional beauty bazaars, BeauCon Manila goes above and beyond expectations. Attendees immersed themselves in a vibrant atmosphere, where personal interactions with their favorite online beauty brands were not only encouraged but celebrated. The event emphasized the importance of fostering meaningful connections, discovering innovative products, and fostering collaborations within the beauty community.

A Holistic Beauty Experience

BeauCon Manila went beyond the surface, offering attendees a comprehensive beauty experience. The event featured insightful workshops and demonstrations conducted by industry experts, allowing beauty enthusiasts to learn new techniques, discover beauty hacks, and gain insights from the very best in the field.

Moreover, the event offered exclusive discounts, promotions, and special offers from participating beauty brands and suppliers, providing attendees with the chance to grab fantastic deals on a wide range of beauty products and services.

Connecting the Beauty Community

BeauCon Manila provided an exceptional platform for networking and connecting with beauty industry professionals, influencers, and like-minded individuals. It facilitated the creation of valuable connections, the exchange of ideas, and the exploration of potential collaborations within the beauty community.

Meet and Greet the Titans of Beauty

Adding to the star-studded affair, BeauCon Manila played host to renowned names in the beauty industry. Attendees had the extraordinary opportunity to meet and greet their favorite beauty influencers, content creators, and CEOs of trending online beauty brands. The CEO powerhouses of TikTok beauty brands certainly stole the spotlight, inspiring and motivating attendees.

The BeauCon Manila 2023 event was a whirlwind of beauty, trends, and industry excellence. With the added allure of the trending CEOs of TikTok beauty brands, this year’s event will undoubtedly be remembered as a game-changer in the world of beauty trade fairs. As we look forward to future editions of BeauCon Manila, one thing is certain: this event will continue to redefine beauty experiences for years to come.

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