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Issy & Co. unveils a 48-piece collection called Next Level Skin

Experience Issy & Co. like you never have before through its Active and True Flex complexion products

Marking their third year in the local beauty industry, Issy & Co. is redefining what it means for a beauty brand to be inclusive. The Next Level Skin collection features additional shades for the Active Skin Tint and the Active Concealer and the release of the True Flex Powder Foundation and True Flex Illuminator. Altogether, the four products make up the Issy ecosystem.

We believe that inclusivity goes beyond just a wide shade range. It also involves considering people’s preferences. It’s giving people options and choices. We’re so excited for Next Level Skin because it’s our way of propelling the local beauty industry forward,” begins Issy & Co. creative director and founder Joel Andrade.

To address the concern of having more shade options, there will be three new shades added to the Active Skin Tint line, bringing its total shade count to 12. “We’re so happy that people love our Active Skin Tints so much, which is why we wanted to offer more variations. The more, the merrier, right?” adds Andrade.

Since the collection is all about going to the next level, the Active Concealer line welcomes 15 new shades, which means a total of 24 shades. “Having more shades means being more precise in terms of shade-matching. We added more shades because the goal was to create a system—a system that’s tailored to compliment the wide range of Filipino skin tones and undertones and help make online shopping easier,” shares Andrade.

One aspect of inclusivity is functionality, which is evident in several shades of the Active Concealer. The Active Concealer now offers multiple functions—different undertone concealers for spot-concealing, peach-toned for brightening and correcting, and deep shades for sculpting and contouring.

With its diverse shade range and functionality, a matrix was created to help consumers easily identify their Active Concealer shade. By simply answering three guide questions correctly based on skin tone, undertone, and purpose, the right shade match is found.

The matrix highlights and celebrates how diverse the Filipino skin tone is. After all, mestisas, morenas and chinitas do not just have one specific shade equivalent. With the matrix, no one gets left behind. A consumer study was conducted with 32 participants, who found their respective shades matched through the matrix and experienced the product claims firsthand.

Since we are in our third year, we felt like we could redefine inclusivity even further, by catering to people’s preferences in terms of skin finish and different makeup styles. That’s where the True Flex products come in,” says Andrade.

Lightweight, multipurpose, and blurring, the True Flex Powder Foundation gives a matte finish with medium buildable to full coverage, which also lets you set and touch up your makeup. It is infused with etylhexyglycerin and Japanese camellia seed oil, which helps soften the skin. The True Flex Powder Foundation stretches with your facial movements, making it stay on the skin for up to 12 hours.

In addition, the True Flex Powder Foundation is an ideal compact to bring with you on the go. It is packaged with a flat sponge to give more coverage and a built-in brush for a sheer application. The brush is designed to cover both large areas with one sweep and targeted areas precisely with its slim and contoured shape.

The True Flex Powder Foundation, which retails for P549, comes in 9 shades that work in conjunction with skin tints and concealers. “I mentioned earlier that the more, the merrier, right? Well, we made more shades not just for the sake of creating them. We made more shades the right way. How so? With a system in mind,” shares Andrade.

In contrast to the matte finish of the powder foundation, the True Flex Illuminator, which retails for P349, is designed for those who prefer a more luminous or glowy finish. Coming in three shades, the True Flex Illuminator is a versatile luminizer that offers glow in various ways and amounts.

Formulated with glycerin and micro-fine pearlescent pigments, this non-greasy and non-sticky illuminator add radiance whether used alone or with the Next Level Skin range. The True Flex Illuminator delivers a lit-from-within glow when used as a primer. It can be mixed with the Active Skin Tint for a more luminous finish, or used as a regular highlighter on the face and body.

The True Flex Powder Foundation and True Flex Illuminator were created to adapt accordingly to one’s makeup preference and style. Together, they highlight how flexible makeup is and should be.

This ambitious collection was two years in the making, and I’m so thrilled that it’s now a reality. I’m even more thrilled about what it represents—a step forward not just for what’s inclusive but for what’s possible. At Issy & Co., we love doing more than what is expected and this inclusive 48-piece collection proves that,” says Andrade.

Issy & Co.’s Next Level Skin collection is now available on Tiktok Shop, Shopee, Lazada, BeautyMNL, and Zalora. Follow @issyandcompany on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to know more.

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