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From Pandemic to Progress, R.O.X. Leads The Charge on Sustainability

From Pandemic to Progress, R.O.X. Leads The Charge on Sustainability

From Left to Right: Ernie Lopez, Director of Advocacy – ABS-CBN Foundation; Roberta Lopez Feliciano, Managing Director – ABS-CBN Foundation; Tiffany Batungbacal, AVP-Adventure PH Retail – Primer Group of Companies; Jonny Thai, Managing Director – Primer Group of Companies

2020 – it was a year that nobody was expected and a year that everybody learned from. Challenging situations have a way of reassessing priorities and bringing out the best in all of us. While the pandemic caused a seismic shift in people’s habits and lifestyles,  it has also become a catalyst for positive change for R.O.X.

Recreational Outdoor eXchange (R.O.X.) is the leading outdoor hub in the country, offering premier products and services from the top brands in the world. If you love the outdoors, there is no better place to find the gear you need to face Mother Nature with but here. R.O.X. not only suits you up for whatever adventure you want to take on, it also works with legitimate outdoor and eco-friendly organizations making you a responsible outdoorsman who can feel good about exploring the outdoors. 

When the pandemic hit, people had to take a step back from outdoor pursuits and stay indoors. The nationwide mandatory lockdown helped keep people safe to some measure, but it also dealt a huge blow to many industries like the outdoor adventure sports. This could have severely affected R.O.X., but as with businesses that find opportunities in the midst of crisis, R.O.X. took this challenge to pivot into a larger sphere of movement where it not only bulked up their portfolio, but helped other small businesses get started as well.

Boboy Francisco, Founder of UP Mountaineer

With the problems that people had to endure during Covid, R.O.X. developed the mobility category to cater to the needs of a generation who wanted a form of escape while improving their mental and physical health. The bicycle area in the 3rd floor diversified their existing bikes to include units for all types of bikers. A bike service area and bike cafe will also be included in this space.

R.O.X. also doubled down on their sustainability initiatives by launching their Green Project where they focused on recycling and using eco-friendly materials and practices to keep the environment clean. They also transformed the 2F into a hub for local enterprises that share the same passion for the outdoors and sustainable practices that preserve the playground we all call home.

The past few years, in what could have been called the worst of times, R.O.X. established deeper relationships and yielded higher potential growth in more ways than one. By pivoting its business and expanding its reach, they’ve embarked on a new journey and gained a bigger family along the way. 

About Recreational Outdoor eXchange

To explore the great outdoors, one must be equipped with knowledge and right gears. Recreational Outdoor eXchange (R.O.X.), Southeast Asia’s biggest outdoor hub do not just offer world class products and services, it also organizes activities that will make your outdoor adventure even easier and safer. R.O.X. does not only develop the inner adventurer in you; it also works with renowned outdoor and eco-friendly organizations in elevating the environmental concerns; making you a responsible outdoorsman. R.O.X. will give you no excuse to #PlayOutsideResponsibly

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