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Empowered Women Say True Beauty Starts with Basic Self-Care

Empowered Women Say True Beauty Starts with Basic Self-Care



The current global situation has brought uncertainty and so many distractions, leaving many Filipinos feeling too stressed as they go about their day. This can lead to feeling overwhelmed and unbalanced, leading to a loss of energy and zest for life. 

To prove that self-care is not just a trend, Apollo Skin Solutions asked some empowered women how to bring out their best with simple self-care techniques at home. Check out these popular online personalities Bea Benedicto, Nish Ching, Colleen Mateo, and Eileen Shi share their top tips for centering to help others not only cope, but thrive in these challenging times.    

  • Find your joy. Bea says that staying home meant she gets to spend more time with her husband and their furbaby. “In a way, I got to appreciate all that I had in my little home. I was able to, I think for the first time in my life, to really connect with myself through meditation practice and focusing on my health. It all boiled down to the basics. A lot of the best things in life are free, such as love, contentment, wellness, and peace.”

Nish, on the other hand, kept herself busy trying new things such as making Dalgona Coffee, Baking, and being a “plantita”. “I realized that we can do simple things in the comfort of our homes that can make us happy.” 

  • Make being healthy a priority. Nish says that the pandemic highlighted the importance of her loved ones’ health and wellbeing. “I’ve realized that none of what we have mattered if the family is not well. I went back to basics and we started to make a conscious effort to boost our immunity and stay healthy. Eating healthy was a good start and working out together more regularly has become our favorite family bonding as well.”   
  • Acknowledge your feelings. “For me, the first step is really being honest with yourself and acknowledging your feelings.  It’s being able to understand your feelings and needs fully, from there you can tackle them in the most logical manner. It’s being able to shut out background noise and focus on yourself,” says Eileen. 
  • Slow down. Eileen adds that she used to thrive on her hectic schedule. “I’m used to having everything planned and always being on the go to chase my next big dream or goal so it was really tough on me to have to ride the course of the pandemic. Working in sports we had to endure tournament cancellations and the uncertainty of whether sports would be making a comeback. My world was put on pause for a few years. But if anything, the pandemic taught me to be comfortable with change, uncertainty, and slowing things down.”
  • Seek help if needed. Sometimes the struggle is lighter when it is shared. Eileen says she noticed a lot of people in her circle have been constantly struggling with anxiety and depression. “It is normal to be feeling these things. We went through a lot during the last two years so there’s no need to worry because there are also a lot of people going through the same things as you.  This is exactly why we need to normalize getting support from the people around us, may it be through a friend or a medical professional.”
  • Stay confident and beautiful. One of the perks of staying home, says Colleen, was that it gave her skin a breather from constantly having layers of makeup on. “This way, it was easier to focus on skincare and give yourself a real glow-up for when you leave the house after the lockdowns.”

Confidence is beautiful, say the four ladies, and it starts by being committed to taking care of yourself. “When you feel good inside, it reflects outside. We fix our appearance not to please other people, but to make ourselves happy,” Colleen adds.  

Eileen says that the misconception is that self-care only means taking a spa day or treating yourself to a nice dinner. “I think self-care comes in the littlest of things.  Sometimes it is just being able to talk to a friend and other times it may mean even just spending more time to beautify myself.” For Nish, taking care of your skin is important and it should start early instead of waiting for signs of aging to show. 

These beautiful and confident ladies say they trust Apollo Skin Solutions for their skincare needs and include the line of products as part of their beauty routine. Nish says she uses Apollo Castor Oil to nourish her hair with various nutrients. Bea says she uses Apollo Petroleum Jelly to help keep her hands soft after using harsh disinfectants that are important these days. “I also use it on my feet to prevent and treat cracked heels. I apply it before I sleep and put socks on to up the moisturizing factor.” 

Colleen says she also uses Apollo’s Petroleum Jelly as a remedy. “I burned my hand on a hair iron and I applied petroleum jelly to soothe the burn. I also used it on my baby’s diaper rash, to help the skin heal. To keep her lips supple and hydrated, she reaches for Apollo Lip Balm.  For Eileen, who has a sporty and active lifestyle, another beauty hack is using Apollo Sebo de Macho on the skin to prevent scars when she gets cuts or scrapes.  Moreover, its 100% mutton tallow ingredient helps to give calloused skin a buttery soft texture.    For Colleen, Nish, Bea, and Eileen, good skincare is part of self-care. Find out more of their wellness tips and Apollo Skin Care hacks by watching their video on Apollo Skin Care Facebook and Apollo Skin Care Instagram. For more information on Apollo’s line of trusted and proven skin solutions, visit  PHILUSA Corporation

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