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Swarovski delivers Joy In Full Color with its latest collection

Continuing the journey that began in 2021, Swarovski embraces the wonder of color in a new range of products that celebrate self-adornment and home accessorizing through the lens of the crystal lifestyle.

Brought to life by Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert, the latest launch builds on Swarovski’s established design language, exploring new silhouettes and debuting colorful new lifestyle categories such as watches, writing instruments, phone cases, headphone accessories, and more.

The Time For Watches Has Arrived

Swarovski proudly rolls out a series of watches in a variety of vibrant colors that are inspired by the brand’s beloved Lucent family. The watches, each with a face of the precision-cut crystal, will be sold in a variety of bold colorways—blue, purple, green, yellow, and pink—to add a touch of personality to looks from sportswear to classic jeans-and-tee to more formal dressing.

All in the Families

Building on its collections from the season’s past, new designs are added to existing hero families that capture fresh perspectives on cuts, colors, and forms.

Millenia: A love letter to the crystal itself, the precision-cut Millenia family is as fundamental to the wardrobe as the classic white Tee with octagonal, unfoiled designs that add a personal touch to any style. In its evolution, this family sees new colors, gradients, and jewelry silhouettes enter the mix, alongside a new eyewear offering, for everyday statement dressing.

Lucent: By extracting individual hues from the color wheel, the Lucent family explores the vibrancy of colored crystal and how each different shade, each piece, works to evoke a mood all its own. Bold new earrings, bracelets, rings, and watches offer the unlimited possibility for personal styling.

Orbita: In Orbita, shimmering crystals evoke the childlike wonder of entering a candy shop. Each piece expresses confidence and joy through a range of ingenious, swiveling stones that offer on-the-go customization. New color gradients extend the original collection across necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Numina: Inspired by Swarovski’s heritage of industry and craftsmanship, striking crystal components and mechanical fixings come to the fore in Numina. These pieces see cut crystal pierced through the heart and set with an industrial-style bolt in a design that only Swarovski could achieve. With an emphasis on gender-neutral silhouettes in cool blues and organic greens, the new designs evolve the initial range in a continued celebration of mastery and innovation.

Curiosa: Rooted in divine geometry, Curiosa showcases Swarovski’s innovation and craftsmanship through highly intricate, mathematically precise forms. Initially transporting necklaces, rings, and brooches into a new realm of imagination, new hair and eyewear accessories further the endlessly wearable design language.

Gema: Inspired by Gustav Klimt‘s art and use of color, Gema turns fine jewelry settings on their head in a presentation of crystal cuts and colors placed as if dripping in motion. We see the collection grow to include eyewear and new colorways of oversized chandelier earrings and all-around necklaces and bracelets in palettes that evoke summer sunsets, pastoral green landscapes, and springtime bouquets.

Wonders abound with each new evolution. To know more, follow @ssilifeph and @rustanph on Instagram. All will be available in-store or online at www.trunc.ph, www.rustans.com, and www.zalora.com.ph

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