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Furla introduces the Bloom Bag

The Furla 1927 blooms: A new, revolutionary bag created by the best craftsmen, the best Italian artisans. Craftsmanship is beauty. Craftsmanship is love.

Strong and resilient, the Bloom Bag is foldable, supple, light, and airy. It comes with a shoulder chain made with recycled acrylic. Complex in its simplicity, it reveals its nature slowly in layers. Beautiful and functional at the same time. It is designed carefully with love. Handbags and women live side by side, together, every day. They described the bag as a shield, an ally, a friend; a repository of secrets, holding personal secrets, things: baggage of emotions.

The Bloom Bag, like Furla, is Italian. Italy-made. Italian Style is something that Italians are born with but everybody can acquire. Style is a learning process: learning to know yourself.

Why origami? Origami is magic: the ancient Japanese art of folding paper to create an emotional landscape. The most ancient tradition of origami is the Tsuru (鶴), a representation of the Japanese red-crowned crane. A thousand paper cranes, called Senbazuru (千羽鶴), are said to make wishes come true. An origami flower, a bag.

Furla is available at Central Square BGC, City of Dreams, Greenbelt 5, Newport Mall, Power Plant Mall, Rustan’s, and online at www.trunc.ph, www.rustans.com, and www.zalora.com, or follow @ssilifeph on Instagram for more information.

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