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The Rosie Posie Kit: A No Fuss, No Bluff Skincare Essential 




Calling all go-getters out there! Women with big dreams, who wake up everyday with the goal of turning visions into reality, Rosie Posie is the skincare brand that gets you! No fuss, no bluff, it’s a simple 4-step skincare kit for busy girl bosses who want to spend less time pampering and more time powering up through life!


Times have been crazy lately. With all the negative things happening around us, and problems that arise in both our work life and personal lives, it’s crucial to take the time to spoil ourselves and practice self-care.


Rosie Posie is introducing the right kit to save you from the hassle of thinking of how to build your skincare or self-care regimen. After all, there might be a lot on your plate already.


Rosie Posie offers a gentle whitening skin set that’s got all the products you need on the daily. Not to mention, Rosie Posie combines all natural ingredients delivering the highest potency of skin whitening without having to use harsh chemicals. Plus, it’s Halal-certified, Cruelty-free, Non-GMO, and Paraben-free.







The Rosie Posie Kit includes:


Bubble Belle Face and Body Soap


Spoil yourself by having a luxurious me-time while taking a bath. Have a little sing while the Bubble Belle suds clear your skin and bad energy. Bubble Belle Soap is a whitening antibacterial face and body soap with Kojic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Tea Tree Oil.


Misty Miss Toner 


Hydrate and feel refreshed with the Misty Miss Toner. Experience fresh skin after this toner cleans away all the dirt from the day’s grime and replenishes your skin to look radiant. This toner is an antibacterial pack with powerful actives such as Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Niacinamide to hydrate your skin. Miss that youthful glow? Well, you have to try this!



Sunrise Gel Moisturizing Sunblock 


Sunblock is a must in your skincare routine. No need to fear being under the sun when going on full protection using the Sunrise Gel Moisturizing Sunblock. This is a whitening antibacterial sunblock with SPF 50! It will protect your skin from harsh UV rays while giving you healthy rosy white skin. Like you, this beauty is a multitasker. It does two things at once – whitening and protection — so you invest in aging well, gracefully.


Glitter Goddess Signature Night Serum 


After a long day at work, pat a little of the Glitter Goddess Night Serum to spread some nutrient love on your skin. Rosie Posie’s Glitter Goddess Signature Night Serum contains Pentavitin – a breakthrough ingredient proven to give your skin 72 hours worth of skin hydration, Niacinamide, and Tea tree oil. This will surely give your skin that healthy plump!


Take care and invest in yourselves by getting the whole kit (Rosie Posie Kit) that includes all products! It’s now available on Shopee.

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