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“Of sleighs, reindeers and everything bright at Christmas”




Every year, your family here at the Bayview Park Hotel always put on a great celebration for the holidays with themed decors and unforgettable programs. This December, It’s all reindeers with red and silver colors for Christmas.  Our decors and look will evoke all the happy holidays that we all like to celebrate the whole year round.









Our hotel’s “DIVA Delights” extravaganza will also take the center stage this year as part of our advocacy to always have all our employees participate in special projects like this one.









Our General Manager Eugene Yap has earlier stated that this year, we take special focus on our Bayview “Divas” as they serenade you and our guests with their angelic voices every morning without fail until Christmas Eve.  They will be launched this November 19, 2019 as part of our traditional Christmas lighting ceremony that will also feature the amazing kids from Timoteo Paez Elementary school Rondalla group who will grace our celebration with their talent. As we all know, we here at Bayview always makes it a point to have children as part of our most important holiday celebrations, and this year is no exception.











In addition, we have invited important people from the City of Manila to take part in this celebration. We are definitely supporting the gargantuan task of cleaning and sprucing up “old Manila” and taking back that title of being a premier city in Asia. Already, we are seeing those changes as Manila emerges slowly, old, yet beautiful and regal made more captivating by its history and tales that also include this very hotel. Anybody who knows the history of Manila should also know that Bayview was one of the most known hotels to tourists during the pre-war era…













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