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The ocean’s most luxurious harvest, lobsters, and other fresh seafood like curachas, and prawns were one of the highlights in the seafood bar.



Brunch is usually a casual affair with the traditional breakfast fare leveled up with a pairing of a Mimosa for Sunday morning relaxation. At the Marriott Hotel Manila, however, the usual brunch can become an indulgent meal for truly luxe weekend feels. The hotel’s biggest buffet yet combines exquisite selections from the Marriott Cafe, the prime dishes of Cru Steakhouse, and the international flavors of the Greatroom in one grand feast.




The grazing table at the GreatRoom was filled with artisan cheeses like Brillat Savarin, a triple-cream cheese best paired with fresh fruits, Gouda 26 Mois perfect for crackers and crusty breads, and also pretzels, nuts, and jams.












The Marriott Café redefines the weekend vibe with its Sunday Brunch 2.0, which includes choices of fresh seafood, premium steak cuts, and Filipino favorites such as lechon, paella, and Pinoy Barbecue. There are many other choices of cuisines among the different buffet stations, including Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian, with all dishes done to perfection by the Marriott’s staff of accommodating chefs, with some orders even prepared ala minute according to a guest’s specifications.




From truffled macaroni and cheese to the classic roasted vegetables, diners get to enjoy their steak with a variety of side dishes.




A massive pile of beef brisket, rump, ribs, chuck eye roll, crown of pork, and roasted turkey rests beside the roasted lechon.




The culinary journey into Marriott Café’s Sunday Brunch 2.0 begins with the Hungry Explorer’s Kit, it is a suitcase containing the map of the entire buffet (to help guide each guests), stickers for kids, postcards, and a passport to be stamped and completed in exchange for prizes. To start, the Greatroom’s premium grazing table is filled with an array of cheeses and cold cuts. Here, a creamy Brie and savory prosciutto await with fresh fruits, nuts, jams, honey, crusty bread, and of course, a glass of red or white wine. Aside from appetizers, the smoky flavors of grilled food are also found at the Greatroom, with flavor-packed marinated pork belly; sweet, spicy, and tangy barbecue pork ribs; moist chicken thighs; and briny tuna collar, among others.




The ocean’s most luxurious harvest, lobsters, and other fresh seafood like curachas, and prawns were one of the highlights in the seafood bar.




The seafood bar features lobsters, curacha crabs and tiger prawns and the Barrels of the Sea section is another go-to place where diners can have their seafood the way they want. Marriott Manila is known for using sustainable seafood, so every serving of crab meat, flaky baramundi fillet, and crisp-fried grouper are all guilt-free.


The Marriott Café is the main stop for its extensive menu of international cuisines, ranging from Japanese teppan and tempura to Chinese dim sum, Italian pasta and pizza, or Filipino kare-kare, all expertly prepared to satisfy any weekend cravings. The café also has a salmon bar, dedicated to all things salmon, from the classic smoked to the Nordic gravlax for that luxe Sunday brunch feel.




A Filipino feast staple—lechon roasted over open fire at the Carnevore Station in CRU Steakhouse.




There were 12 premium wines to choose from at the free-flowing wine station.




Celebrities, Donita Rose and Paolo Abrera join the hungry crowd at Carnevore station to grab slabs of beef, ribs, and turkey.

The buffet doesn’t stop there, however, because Cru Steakhouse opens up its carving station for an indulgent crossover. Among the items that are available are steaks grilled to perfection and lechon with its gloriously crispy skin. Among the premium sides are the Cru Steakhouse’s signature black truffle risotto or the twice-baked cheddar cheese potato. The wine bar is open as well, with its reds and whites as perfect pairs to the choice meat cuts.  




Local Filipino kakanin like puto, sapin-sapin, peanut tarts, and yema surrounds the jeepney.




Local Filipino kakanin like puto, sapin-sapin, peanut tarts, and yema surrounds the jeepney.




From a macaron tree, miniature bags and lipsticks to screwdrivers and wrenches, the chocolate table was filled with decadent sweets in various shapes and flavors.



For dessert, it’s back to the Marriott Café with its sinful cakes and creamy gelato, together with an assortment of Swiss chocolate confections in various forms like bars and truffles, combined with nuts, nougat, or dried fruits. For a more Filipino flair, the Greatroom also have an assortment of local delicacies and “samalamig” coolers like sago’t gulaman, buko pandan, melon juice, and mango sago, all to bring back sweet childhood memories.


One of the main attractions was the Jeepney display in the hotel lobby; it is filled with local favorites such as sapin-sapin, piaya, bibingka, pili tart, peanut kisses, and more.




Magicians and roaming balloon twisters entertained the kids with tricks and surprises.




The kids got to decorate pancakes, cupcakes, and cookies along with the Marriott chefs at the play corner.




Janeena Chan holds a plateful of desserts from panna cotta, cakes to brownies.

As Sunday Brunch is a family affair, kids will get to enjoy the entertainment that has been prepared for them, ranging from decorating their own pancakes, to the roaming magicians and balloon-twisting clowns. The children and young at heart can also try their luck at the claw machine to bring home prizes to remember their special day-out. Staff service in character costumes adds another flavor to the buffet too!


Marriott Manila’s Sunday Brunch 2.0 will be available on June 16, 2019 and another on September and December. Rate per person is P3,288 nett. For reservations and inquiries about Manila Marriott’s latest offers, call (632) 988-9999 or visit the hotel’s website, and social media accounts in FB, IG, and Twitter @ManilaMarriott.






















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