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Easy Pha-Max Contains 17 amino acids that helps insulin production & action


Ber months are finally in our midst and what better way to ‘tis the season by satisfying our appetites with all the food that we love? However, the risk of putting on pounds and shooting up blood sugar are just some of the side effects we usually don’t see coming over the holidays. That’s why Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass shares little lifestyle changes designed to combat one of the most dreaded lifestyle diseases of our time—diabetes.


Mom Edna & Daughter Dyan Castillejo keep their blood sugar on a normal leve with the help of Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass



Sadly, according to the Philippine Center for Diabetes Education Foundation, an estimated of six million Filipinos have diabetes and rapidly increasing in prevalence over the years, making it one of the leading causes of death in the country. While life isn’t sweet with diabetes, understanding how to live healthily with diabetes is a great way to get started. Leave it to Phil-US registered dietitian-nutritionist Cheshire Que when it comes to easy to follow and decidedly doable tips that are applicable for all ages:


  1. Think Mindful Movement.

The American Diabetes Association recommends 30 minutes of moderate to a vigorous intensity of aerobic exercises at least five times a week. When you’re active and constantly moving, the cells not only become more sensitive to insulin but it also helps to lower blood glucose levels. Needless to say, physical activity is a key part when managing diabetes that contributes to weight management, reduce risks to heart diseases, improving blood circulation, and relieving stress. So now you’re at the party planning stage, go for activities that encourage movement: play charades, have a fitness game, or opt for a standing party. In short, get physical!


  1. Take Control of Your Plate.

Feasting during the entire season is the norm but it should not automatically translate to bloating nor weight gain. Whether or not you have a diabetes, the first smart step is making the right choices. You see, the key element to a healthy eating plan is to fill up your plate with vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Skip the simple carbohydrates such as cakes, chocolates, or white bread as these will only cause a drastic increase in your blood sugar level. Go instead for complex carbohydrates like whole grain bread and brown rice, and by all means swap anything high-fat to low or non- fat, which will help control your risks for heart diseases and high blood cholesterol.

While this may sound a lot of sacrifices, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite food all at once. “Moderation and meal-timing are the keys to regulate blood sugar. For instance, if you decide to go for a piece of cake for a dinner affair, be willing to cut back on some of your carbohydrate sources such as rice or pasta or potatoes for that meal. It’s all about give and take. Satisfy your cravings but do not overindulge. Otherwise your blood sugar level will stage a revolt causing havoc on the rest of your body”, Cheshire said. “It’s also important to space out your mealtime regularly to prevent your blood sugar level from dropping too low, a condition we call hypoglycemia, which often leads to shaking, weakness, dizziness, and sometimes seizures,” she added.


  1. Rest from Stress.

We’re all too familiar with this. The mere thought of it makes us cringe and feel uncomfortable, but managing your stress (and not just merely running away from it) is as important as eating healthy and being active. Knowing how to effectively manage your stressors will not only help improve your mood, but it will also boost your immunity overall wellness. You see, if you’re under stressful situations or conditions, the natural response of our brain is to bombard our body with tons of hormones to neutralize the stressors, often leading to an increased blood sugar level. So this season of soiree and endless parties, learn to say no and never overcommit—have me time and don’t forget about you.

“Sleep is a vital part of stress management because it gives our body a chance to recuperate and repair body organs. Not only will it enhance your focus and clear your mind, it will also put you in a better mood,” Cheshire added.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends seven to nine hours of sleep for adults, but if you’re having troubles drifting off, make down time part of your routine. What we mean is to dim the lights, slightly decrease your room’s thermostat, and turn off your mobile or tablet. These simple steps are guaranteed to help your body produce melatonin, a hormone known to regulate sleep.


  1. Remember that Fiber is your Friend.

In case you don’t know, fiber is the holy grail of a diabetic meal plan. Consuming at least 30 g of fiber every day is beneficial not only in managing your blood sugar level but also in lowering blood cholesterol and improving gut health. Found in your whole grain bread or pasta, brown rice, fruits, and vegetables, fiber also slows down digestion causing a more stable blood sugar level in the long run. It’s also beneficial in weight management due to its high satiety value, which means you feel fuller for a longer period. In essence, fiber plays a vital role in our health as it aids regular bowel movement, prevent colon cancer, breast cancer, and even promote healthy aging!

But between endless parties and tempting treats, eating more veggies and fruits over the holidays is just hard to prioritize. Thankfully, there’s Wheatgrass CAN to help us meet our required daily three servings of fiber, which is impossible to devour on a daily basis. Touted as the king of alkaline, wheatgrass is a very rich source of fiber that’s equivalent to 10kg of vegetables in nutritional value. Moreover, it only needs 200 ml of cold water for a refreshing surge of antioxidant-rich drink that you can take any time of the day.

A nutritional powerhouse that also boasts impressive levels of 17 amino acids, 13 vitamins, 10 alkaline minerals, detoxifying fiber, chlorophyll for a healthy blood circulation, plus more than 100 types of enzymes, Wheatgrass CAN is a must in the arsenal of individuals with diabetes as studies have shown that amino acid helps improve insulin production and action. Needless to say, it’s also undoubtedly beneficial for diabetes prevention!

For long-time Wheatgrass C.A.N. International brand ambassador and sportscaster Dyan Castillejo, wheatgrass has been a staple for her daily source of fiber. “Since I’ve discovered this product in 2009, I never leave home without it. It’s the easiest and most accessible fiber source that I could take with me that helps me to meet my daily required allowance,” shared Diane. “My mom who’s been taking it as well for the longest time maintain her dauntless beauty and grace at 78, with the help of wheatgrass that keeps her blood sugar at normal rate while preventing other diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.”

Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass comes in original, honey, and lemon flavors and available in all Mercury Drugstores, S&R, Watsons, and other leading supermarkets nationwide. For order and inquiries, contact Customer Service Hotline at (02) 8901111 or 09055757799 and follow social media pages: Wheatgrass C.A.N on Facebook and ilovewheatgrass on Instagram and Twitter.

Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass comes in original, honey, and lemon flavors and available in all Mercury Drugstores, S&R, Watsons, and other leading supermarkets nationwide. For order and inquiries, contact Customer Service Hotline at (02) 8901111 or 09055757799 and follow social media pages: Wheatgrass C.A.N on Facebook and @wheatgrasscan on Instagram and Twitter.





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