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As a yakimono option, grilled salmon is given a delicious twist.



This October, Kitsho celebrates its second year of proffering the best Japanese fare in the metro. From succulent sushi and sashimi, to yakimono and hot pot, ramen and bento boxes, the options are wide and varied – and all mouthwatering!

The secret to the supreme taste of Japanese food is in the freshness of its ingredients. You take that away and everything falls apart. That’s why professional Japanese chefs go to the market daily to procure fresh catch and farm produce. Because they know that sourcing of the freshest ingredients is paramount to their craft. And at Kitsho, executive chef Mizumoto “Hiro” Masahiro makes sure that diners only get to taste the best concoctions made from the freshest ingredients.



Savor Only the Freshest at Kitsho



Chef Hiro whips up the freshest ingredients to create all the sumptuous dishes on the Kitsho menu.



Every sashimi slice, every sushi roll, or the crunch of an ebi tempura, even the sealed-in juiciness of a grilled salmon all attest to the freshness of the proffered seafood. The lean meats, especially the beef cuts, all spell tenderness that can only come from the most select sources. And farm produce, delectable in its crunch and crispiness, only shows how it came to your table straight from the farms.



Rolled and open-faced sushi will only taste best with the freshest ingredients.



Kani sticks and cabbage cutlets pair well for the most delectable spring rolls.



For this anniversary month of October, the buffet spread will be done away with and, in its stead, diners get to enjoy all their favorites by ordering them a la carte.

Every four diners enjoying their a la carte dishes get to enjoy a 15% discount from off their tab, while any group of five diners gets to bring in another one for free. Lunch a la carte (buffet) is at P1,232 (VAT inclusive) while dinner per cover is at P1,400 (VAT inclusive).

For restaurateurs and/or food establishment operators who wish to have an entire Japanese section in their respective menus, or those who want to include Japanese food items into their list of options, can consult with Chef Hiro and he would gladly assist you on this regard. Simply send him an email via Mizumoto Masahiro <[email protected]>

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