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Feasting on Fugu at Kitsho




Japanese cuisine is a seasonal thing. With Japan’s very distinct seasons, seafood, in particular, varies from time to time. For example, pufferfish is in profusion all over Japan’s wintry seascape, especially in its northermost island, at this time of year.


Fugu Karaage

The tiger pufferfish or blowfish, otherwise known as fugu, is a preferred delicacy by the Japanese as well as lovers of Nippon cuisine. It will, however, secrete tetrodoxin when threatened, being it’s defense mechanism from predators. When the lethal fluid is introduced to the bloodstream, it could poison the circulatory system in a matter of minutes. That is why preparing fugu is an expert’s business. 


Fresh Vegetable Salad


Platter of fresh Oranges


A Platter of fresh Mangoes


Chef Hiro


Kitsho executive chef Mizumoto Masahiro is one of the very few who were schooled and licensed to prepare pufferfish, and probably the only one in the Philippines. 

For the merry month of December, Chef Hiro will proffer a fugu set menu for gourmands and gourmets alike. It will be a four-course meal consisting of blowfish sashimi, hot pot, deep fried fugu, and congee; including appetizer and fruit. The set meal is priced at P4480++/person from a minimum order of four persons.




After the Christmas holidays, the festive spirit continues at Kitsho as it prepares to unfold the New Year’s eve party promo that consists of a hot pot set menu that is offered at P2240++/person, with a drink-all-you-can option.

Food establishments who wish to include Japanese dishes in their menu, or would simply like to expand their food options with Japanese dishes, can simply get in touch with Chef Hiro through his email account, Mizumoto Masahiro <[email protected]>; or call  (02) 994-36-23 for food consultancy.

Kitsho  is managed and operated by MCK Millennium Food, Inc. and is conveniently located at the ground level of Hotel Jen Manila, right across the CCP Complex, along Roxas Boulevard’s sunset strip in historic Manila Bay. For reservations, simply call the restaurant’s trunkline (02) 795-8888 local 2312 or hotline, (02)- 994-36-23. . You may also check out Kitsho’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.




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