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Welcome to KOMONO, a community of dreamers and designers dedicated to perfectly timed accessories, and rooted in the Belgian tradition of fierce dedication to quality and craft. KOMONO is a lens on global fashion, crafted with care and delivered on time. KOMONO means “small things” and its members share a passion for distilling the best of culture into its simplest forms. KOMONO is the perfect blend of Vision & Timing.

KOMONO is global fashion at your fingertips.


Raf Maes + Anton Janssens

The story of KOMONO is a story of two friends who met snowboarding on a mountain and decided to do things differently. Just as KOMONO emerged from the intersection of Vision and Timing, its founders joined forces with a similar chemistry. Raf Maes, the perfectionist, cultivated an obsession with design and architecture from an early age and can still be found snapping photos in any remote corner of the globe or happily sipping a gin & tonic listening to Frank Sinatra and the Beastie Boys. While Anton Janssens, the free spirit, built a fascination with cultural systems from a foundation of engineering and design, he now chases visions of the future for KOMONO to ensure a contemporary approach that avoids convention. Both share a rebellious youth, a history building brands and a Belgian heritage of uncompromising dedication to quality and design. Perhaps it’s from years of snowboarding, looking out from mountain peaks to the horizon, but there is an innate reverence for the future and the interconnected cultural system in which we live. They seek the cultural moments that illuminate this system, the patterns in life that inspire the patterns of fashion, the convergence of Vision and Timing, all driven by the dynamic tension of old friends with a constant stream of new ideas.


Being Belgian

Like KOMONO, Belgium straddles a crossroads of cultural influences.

Dutch, French and German styles converge in a highly progressive and urban population that combines a German dedication to quality and precision with a French passion for style, and the uniquely Belgian ethos of enjoying life while making it all look effortless. This is how Belgium came to set the global standard in 3 very important categories: craft beer, artisanal chocolate and fashion design (see why people like being Belgian?).

What is Belgian ? An uncompromising commitment to quality and design. Not the biggest, just the best. A convergence of cultures and a global perspective. Understated excellence.


Transformative moments

There are moments in life that can’t be undone or forgotten. They can last just an instant or seem like an eternity. Whether it’s a flash of beauty or innovation, a natural wonder or the elegance of human craft, the one thing these transformative moments share is that we never look at the world the same way again.

These are the momentary intersections of vision and timing that are the ingredients of inspiration. Sharing these moments is how we share the spirit of KOMONO.


A lens on global culture

We punctuate the ever-changing flow of design and global culture like a still photograph preserving its most poignant moments. Seasonal styles distill the essence of a cultural inflection point while classic designs capture an era. This constant balance of the long and the short now is how we deliver collections with pronounced relevance and timelessness.


Website: https://www.komono.com/

IG: @komono_store_ph

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