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Ascott’s ‘Palate & Palette: A Fusion of Taste and Art’ event delivers unforgettable celebration of Filipino culture

Ascott, the premier upscale serviced residence brand renowned for its passion for fine arts and signature soirees, recently hosted its highly anticipated event, ‘Palate & Palette: A Fusion of Taste and Art.’ Held on 24 April 2024 at Ayala Museum, the event offered guests an immersive culinary journey that seamlessly blended tradition with innovation, celebrating the rich tapestry of Filipino culture. Hosted at Ayala Museum, the soiree showcasing Filipino culture was enhanced by the venue’s contemporary sophistication and atmosphere fostering artistic expression and cultural enrichment.

As part of Ascott’s commitment to providing unique and unforgettable experiences, ‘Palate & Palette’ brought together two of Ascott’s talented chefs, local artisans, and cultural influencers for a one-of-a-kind celebration. The event, which coincided with World Art Day on April 15 and Filipino Food Month on April, showcased the vibrant flavors and artistic expressions of the Philippines, captivating attendees with its fusion of taste and art.

Curated by Clang Garcia, Philippine Ambassador to the World Food Travel Association, the menu for ‘Palate & Palette’ was a culinary masterpiece, featuring a selection of iconic Filipino dishes expertly crafted to tantalize the taste buds. Highlights included Tiyulah Itum from Sulu, Agal-Agal with Maranao Palapa from Tawi-Tawi and Lanao del Sur, Pansit Buko from Laguna, Chinitlug, Bukel ya Etag + Pinuneg from Cordillera, and Ibos, Dulce de Leche, Asin Tibuok from Rizal, Pampanga, and Bohol. Complementing this gastronomic adventure were creatively crafted drinks, each embodying historical moments. These include the Battle of Mactan (featuring lambanog, mango juice, sparkling water, mint, and frozen watermelon cubes), Basi Revolt 1807 (comprising ginger-infused basi, bignay wine, and ampalaya syrup served in a muscovado-red chili-rimmed glass), Tinowa (consisting of lemongrass, ginger, and butuan syrup served in a salt-calamansi-rimmed glass), and Sinigang (crafted from tamarind juice, onion syrup, salt, and a dehydrated and torched slice of tomato).

Collaborating with Chef Kat Alcantara, Executive Chef and Entrepreneur behind acclaimed establishments such as Mesclun Restaurant + Cafe, Mesclun Events Catering, CDP Global Table, Chuck’s Deli, GrowceryMNL, LIT Manila, and Catalogue, and Chef Prince Patiño, Executive Chef of Scott’s at Ascott BGC Restaurant, the culinary team delivered an extraordinary dining experience that captivated the senses and celebrated the rich culinary heritage of the Philippines.

In line with Ascott’s dedication to community engagement through its Ascott CARES programme, ‘Palate & Palette’ featured a produce basket from Rural Rising Philippines, allowing attendees to recreate some of the dishes with their own flair or be inspired by the culinary experience with the ingredients and produce provided. Additionally, guests were treated to a mesmerizing performance by the Philippine Ballet Theater, paying homage to the rich heritage of Philippine dances. The performance, titled “Vinta,” honored the distinctive movement of traditional seafaring vessels of Mindanao. Dancers skillfully used colorful malongs to represent the vinta’s iconic sail, gracefully gliding across the dance floor. “Vinta” embodies both style and substance, serving as a tribute to the eponymous vessels that navigate the great Mindanao seas, mirroring that to the gastronomic journey guests experienced at the event.

We are thrilled to have hosted ‘Palate & Palette: A Fusion of Taste and Art,’ an event that exemplifies Ascott’s commitment to providing our guests with unique and memorable experiences,” said Loven Ramos, director of brand and marketing at Ascott. “Through this event, we aimed to showcase the vibrant flavors and artistic expressions of the Philippines while celebrating our rich cultural heritage.

‘Palate & Palette: A Fusion of Taste and Art’ was a resounding success, setting a new standard for luxury experiences in the hospitality industry and further cementing Ascott’s reputation as a leader in fine arts-inspired events.

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