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Yoshinoya gives glimpse of Sakura Season

Yoshinoya Philippines proudly announces the  successful launch of its Strawberry Cream Mochi, a delectable treat inspired by the cherry  blossoms of Japan, marking the celebration of the Sakura Festival

The Sakura season in Japan is a time of joyous festivities, with families and friends  gathering for hanami, a tradition of picnicking under cherry blossom trees. It is a cherished  time when locals and tourists alike come together to enjoy the beauty of the Sakura Season.

In honor of this tradition, Yoshinoya Philippines has created a Sakura Season Special—Strawberry Cream Mochi. This delightful treat pays tribute to the elegance and charm of  cherry blossoms, bringing a taste of Japan’s springtime atmosphere with every bite. With  a fusion of soft vanilla mochi sprinkled with juicy strawberry goodness. It’s not just a treat  for your palate, but also a feast for your eyes, topped with elegant edible flowers. Every  sweet and creamy bite is a burst of flavor that’ll leave you wanting more!

To extend the celebration, Yoshinoya Philippines is offering a special promotion from April 5th to April 15th. Customers can enjoy a complimentary Strawberry Cream Mochi  with a minimum purchase of P650 for Dine-In.

We’re excited to see how much our guests are enjoying the Strawberry Cream Mochi,”  said Yoshinoya Philippines Business Development Head Ned Bandojo. “It’s our way  of bringing a taste of Japanese culture to everyone’s table.

Indulge your senses and join the celebration of the Sakura season with Yoshinoya  Philippines’ Strawberry Cream Mochi. Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity to savor the taste of Japan’s cherry blossoms!

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