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Everyone is kickstarting 2023 by making the #SwitchToStrong with Pantene—are you one of them?

New year’s resolutions are spreading left and right. Why not make the switch to a strong one of yours?

2022 was truly a year of new beginnings. And after everything that we’ve done this year, the only way is up with the many opportunities you can continue exploring to make you braver, bolder, and stronger. And Pantene serves as the perfect partner in letting you make the #SwitchToStrong.

With its Hair Fall Control Shampoo, you will get to enjoy hair that is not only frizz-free but is also able to nourish and moisturize your hair from its roots, providing you with as much as 10x stronger hair versus hair fall—allowing you to face every new day hassle-free. Thanks to its Pro-V formula made up of Vitamin B5, antioxidants, and restorative lipids, so many others have been making the #SwitchToStrong—and you can be one of them, too.

From the experts themselves

Celebrity hairstylist Renz Pangilinan has long been partnering with A-list celebrities, ensuring that he can give their hair the best care that the crowning glory they deserve. A master of the craft, Renz has gone places and has learned many tricks of the trade. And during his long hairstyling journey, he always comes back home to his main and top recommendation—Pantene—to give every single client 10x stronger hair, keeping their clients’ hair protected against hair fall, all while looking pristine for photoshoots and events. “There is never a dull day at work and in making sure that all my clients look dazzling from head to toe. That being said, will always be my miraculous go-to and recommendation for forever healthy and lagkit-free hair,” says Renz.

Posing for the camera? Make it hassle-free!

The world has long opened up once more, allowing everyone to do the things they could only dream about two years ago, whether it’s planning dinners or traveling with friends—but what good is it when the photos you take as souvenirs capture your hair at its less-than-fine days? Not the case with model and actress Kylie Verzosa. As someone constantly in front of the camera, having her smooth locks cooperate is a must at all times—luckily, she found Pantene, from whom she has been able to since enjoying hair that’s 10 times as strong versus hair fall. “In making the switch to miraculously strong hair all day every day, Pantene shampoo is and will always be key,” she shares.

The shampoo of the stars

Unsurprisingly, even one of the country’s biggest names has Pantene to thank for keeping their hair in tiptop shape. As someone who juggles being an actress, vlogger, performer, and host, with many photoshoots and other activities on the side, Sparkle Artist Gabbi Garcia lives one busy life—one that does not always grant her the time to take care of her hair. But with Pantene, all these worries came to a halt; even giving her hair 10 times the strength it needs to keep her facing her days head-on, with any worries about hair fall vanishing entirely. “While things can get pretty exhausting and busy, I do have Pantene to thank for being with me in all the miraculous moments I encounter in life, keeping me and my hair feeling lagkit-free and beautiful through it all,” is all Gabbi has to say about Pantene.

You’ve heard from those who’ve made the Switch to Strong. And as we are at the dawn of yet another year, one with many new opportunities awaiting, why not make it one of your goals too?

Be sure to make the #SwitchToStrong and enjoy frizz-free and ten times stronger hair against hair fall with Pantene Shampoo! Pantene products are available in all leading retailers nationwide, and online through Shopee and Lazada.

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