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Have Joyful Moments In The Kitchen With Beko!

Everyone can easily describe the vibes during the Christmas season—it’s filled with many bonding moments and shopping sprees in the mall. Most importantly, for Filipinos, Christmas is about spending time with loved ones and creating new memories, which makes the holiday season merrier.

And, of course, this includes Filipino families spending time together in their kitchens. So, we’ve rounded up what usually happens in a typical Filipino kitchen during Christmas and how to make these moments more memorable and unique!

Preparing Lots Of Food Happily In The Kitchen

When we talk about Christmas, one of the first things that come to mind is noche buena. Filipino families love gatherings and preparing food for their loved ones, and by preparing food, we mean lots of it!

It’s a good thing that the Beko BIR35400XMS is such a lifesaver in the kitchen. Need to prepare lots of food for your family and relatives? Worry no more because this multifunctional oven has more than enough space for you to prepare your food without the hassle of spending too much time. It offers an 82 L of cooking capacity, which lets you cook on up to six shelf levels simultaneously, all within the dimensions of a standard-sized oven. You can even get a clear view of your food while it’s being prepared. It seems amazing, indeed. With the Beko Sends Love promo price, you can get the Beko BIR35400XMS for only P28,991.

It’s a given that kitchens are usually occupied during the noche buena preparation, so the Beko HIC64100 will also help you prepare your food. You can cook your favorite healthy meals with ease using this vitroceramic hob. What’s more fun about this is this hob heats all types of cookware so you can prepare more food efficiently! With the Beko Sends Love promo price, you can get the Beko HIC64100 for only Php 15,291.

Looking All Glammed Up While Washing Dishes

Of course, Christmas is also all about looking beautiful and all glammed up, even the Noche Buena has been over, and you’re now ready to say hello to washing the dishes.

You can wash your dishes without the hassle of the Beko DTC36811S. Don’t worry about losing your Christmas glam while doing the dishwashing chore, as this tabletop dishwasher allows you to stack up to 8 plates simultaneously and enjoy its features, including the 6 Wash programs and water overflow safety system. With the Beko Sends Love promo price, you can get the Beko DTC36811S for only P19,791.

Making Your Food Stored And Last For A Longer Time

Well, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are only a few days apart, and since Filipinos tend to prepare lots of food during Christmas, having the Beko GNO480EHFGBPH is essential to your kitchen! Stock lots of food in your fridge with ease since the Beko has a NeoFrost Triple Cooling technology that has 2 separate cooling system that allows you to keep your food fresh for a longer time without having food odors mixed all together.

Got some vegetables and fruits that you want to keep until the new year? This fridge also has HarvestFresh which uses innovative 3-colour light technology in the crisper drawer to cleverly mimic the 24-hour sun cycle, preserving vitamins in fruits and vegetables for longer. So you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle with more nutritious meals than ever. With the Beko Sends Love promo price, you can get the Beko GNO480EHFGBPH for only P54,892 (from P60,990).

Christmas is indeed a wonderful and joyous season for everyone. With Beko, you can make your holiday kitchen moments memorable and filled with steps toward a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for the upcoming year ahead.

To know more, visit http://beko.ph or follow https://www.facebook.com/bekoph and https://www.instagram.com/bekoph/.

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