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Start the holiday craze with McDonald’s Holiday Treats!

From its McCrispy Hamonado Sandwich to Speculoos Cookie McFlurry, celebrate the holidays with McDonald’s!

Few things give as much excitement as when the holiday season starts to lurk. From out-of-town trips, and planning extravagant get-togethers with friends you haven’t seen already, to the oh-so-wonderful break from work, Christmas marks the end of the year that we all like to celebrate with a bang. But we’re missing the best part of the holidays, aren’t we?

It’s All. In. The. Food. And lots of it.

That’s why at McDonald’s, enjoy all-new holiday treats available starting today, November 11! With their McCrispy Hamonado Sandwich, Coffee Caramel McFlurry, Speculoos Cookie McFlurry, and Speculoos Cookie Frappe, you’ll never want to spend the holidays anywhere else! Think it’s a Christmas trick? Trust us, nobody takes Christmas more seriously than McDonald’s!

Enjoy your everyday McCrispy sandwich now with a special Christmas twist with the McCrispy Hamonado Sandwich that sees your favorite McDonald’s Chicken fillet not only paired with a savory slice of Canadian bacon and hamonado glaze, but also topped with honey dressing to make every bite more scrumptious!

Don’t stop now, because McDonald’s has upped the ante with its sweet dessert options, too! Looking for the best of both worlds? Why not give the Coffee Caramel McFlurry a shot—it’s bound to make you feel cozy in an instant!

And for those who can’t get enough of cookie butter, you’re in absolute luck: McDonald’s offers not one, but two versions of the treat with the Speculoos Cookie McFlurry—and, available in McDonald’s branches with McCafé, the Speculoos Cookie Frappe!

At McDonald’s, there is more than enough to share with each of your loved ones—or even all by yourself! Share the light this Christmas with their holiday offerings, now available at your nearest McDonald’s branch via Dine-In, Take-Out, Drive-Thru, and McDelivery!

*In other branches of McDonald’s, this is available as a Honey Glazed McCrispy Sandwich!

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