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Five ways the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G and Galaxy A23 5G can help you succeed in today’s workplace

In recent years, the workplace as we know it has changed fundamentally as a result of technological, environmental, and societal factors. The pandemic, for instance, has inevitably compelled companies to adopt work-from-anywhere arrangements and hybrid or virtual offices. Likewise, modern workplaces have also implemented more flexible work schedules to accommodate the newest generation of employees—Gen Z—who have never known a time before the internet. As digital natives, this young breed of professionals can easily adapt to a virtual setup, accomplishing tasks and interacting with co-workers online.

With the workplace rapidly evolving, our smartphones play a more crucial role than ever. We need to be able to rely on them for connectivity, efficiency, and performance as we take on the demands of our day-to-day jobs from virtually anywhere.

Samsung understands that young professionals rely heavily on their smartphones to stay connected and be their most productive selves. With that, the brand has combined the latest and most efficient smartphone features in their new Galaxy A Series devices: the Galaxy A13 5G and the Galaxy A23 5G so users can multitask, work hassle-free, and enjoy recreational moments through super smooth gaming and streaming.

Here are five ways these awesome 5G smartphones can help you succeed in today’s fast-paced world:

• Less loading time = more productivity. As go-getters, we can’t afford to be weighed down by unreliable Wi-Fi connections. Good thing the Galaxy A13 5G and Galaxy A23 5G are both equipped with hyper-fast 5G connectivity. This means less loading time for web pages and apps, leading to efficiency and faster performance online. Living life as a digital nomad and juggling tasks even while out of town? These smartphones can be your companion as you work anywhere!

• Store your files with ease. Another great thing about the Galaxy A13 5G and Galaxy A23 5G is their massive storage. While 128GB Internal Storage can already do wonders when it comes to saving your files, the memory of both phones is also expandable up to 1TB. This comes in handy whenever you have to save large conferencing apps, or huge presentations and documents, so you can keep them wherever you work.

• Multitask and scroll away. Being able to multitask is an important skill to have, especially given our hectic schedules. Luckily, the Galaxy A13 5G and Galaxy A23 5G can help you do just that, as they deliver lag-free performance and can switch tabs and take on heavy apps without issues. And to make it more awesome, the Galaxy A23 5G boasts a RAM Plus feature that gives the smartphone up to 6GB additional RAM to provide a more seamless performance.

• Keep going with all-day battery life. Multitask for hours on end with the Galaxy A13 5G and the Galaxy A23 5G’s high-capacity 5000 mAh battery. This allows these smartphones to run for up to 40 hours without the need for constant recharging, ideal for work-from-anywhere arrangements. Whenever you do have to juice up, the smartphones are also equipped with fast charging capabilities—25W for the Galaxy A23 5G and 15W for the Galaxy A13 5G—so you can quickly pick up where you left off.

• See content in awesome detail. Equally as important as the phone’s connectivity, battery, and performance is its display. Both the Galaxy A13 5G and Galaxy A23 5G are equipped with vivid, immersive screens to make sure you can appreciate all types of content in awesome detail. The Galaxy A13 5G boasts a 6.5″ HD+ Infinity-V display, while the Galaxy A23 5G packs a 6.6″ FHD+ Infinity-V display, guaranteeing smooth and uninterrupted viewing.

Achieve awesome goals in the workplace with an awesome 5G smartphone! Its reliability and strong connectivity will strengthen the way today’s hustlers communicate and nurture a healthy and more productive working environment.

The Galaxy A13 5G and Galaxy A23 5G are available in Awesome Blue, Awesome Black, and Awesome Orange. Starting November 8, customers may purchase the Galaxy A13 5G at P1,000 off its original price. The 4/128GB variant will now retail for P12,990, while the 6/128GB variant will be available at P13,990. Meanwhile, the Galaxy A23 5G starts at P17,990 for the 6/128GB variant and P18,990 for the 8/128GB variant.

Also, great news for those who wish to upgrade their smartphones this holiday season! Customers can take advantage of the #SwitchToGalaxy promo and trade in old devices to get bigger savings and top-up tokens.

Visit any Samsung Authorized Store or to know more.

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