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Here’s what to expect at the Klook Travel Fest

The future of revenge travel is here!

The Klook Travel Fest is back and better than ever! With 2 years of lockdown and pandemic blues, this year’s Klook Travel Fest is all about becoming your launchpad towards your dream travel plans. With a whopping amount of hot deals, giveaways, joy challenges, all-expense paid trip raffles, and influencer appearances by Mimiyuuuh, Rei Germar & Migy Romulo, Jaz & Jax Reyes, and many more, the next-century Klook is truly making the ultimate comeback. The Klook Travel Fest happened last October 22 and 23 at the Glorietta Activity Center.


Klook is Asia’s leading travel and experiences platform. We curate the most joyful experiences so that users can satisfy their relentless curiosity for adventure and experiences at home and around the world. With our website and app, users can experience a world of joy, from attractions and tours to local transportation and hotels. Founded in 2014, we are here to inspire and enable more moments of joy through over 490,000 activities in over 1,000 destinations.

Itinerary Planning and Booking

Klook’s team of specialists and experts were stationed in the Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Thailand booths to help plan and book your dream itinerary for your favorite destinations with the best activities and attractions—all at a great price!

Save even more with promo codes

The fastest fingers got the deals, and at the Klook Travel Fest 2022, it’s no different! With that said, if you want to get the best deals, waste no time and familiarize yourself with How To Book on Klook. So for those using the Klook App for the very first time—be sure to check out this How To Book on Klook guide and be an expert in no time!

Hot Deals

Klook is never complete without some Hot Deals to spice up our travel. You can also check Klook Philippines’ Facebook Page for daily updates or subscribe to its newsletter.

JR Pass Japan

Back with a travel vengeance is none other than our best-selling JR Pass! If you’re restarting your travel era with a trip to Japan, you’re going to want to add this to your plans.

For this year’s Klook Travel Fest, local talents and influencers who are all about the future of travel and have notable insights on what the landscape is like were present.

Mimiyuuuh. Fashion and social media megastar don’t begin to describe the sensation that is Mimiyuuuh. Taking the world by storm, this travel gurl talked about her latest trip to Singapore.

Rei Germar and Migy Romulo. Lifestyle icons who are stealing the scene are Rei Germar and Migy Romulo. Rei and Migy shared their travel experience to Thailand during the post-pandemic normal

Jax Reyes. This TikTok star has shared his best travel hacks when traveling to Japan.

Hangout Buddies. The people behind the internet giant “Homebuddies” are breaking the mold and came out with their best insights during their recent Korea adventure.

Join the movement and make Klook part of your revenge travel this 2022! Download the Klook app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

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