Royal Canin launches Points on Purchase, a new rewards program to treat yourself and your fur babies

From earning points to claiming a wide range of perks, Royal Canin got your back!

When it comes to our pets, all we want to provide for them is a happy life—and this includes giving them ample play time and exercise, and a healthy diet to keep their bodies healthy. After all, nothing is more fulfilling than seeing them satisfied!

But when it comes to Royal Canin, it is not only cats’ and dogs’ happiness that matter—it is also the dedicated pet owners who ensure their pets live a high quality of life. And to reward pet owners for every time they purchase Royal Canin products, providing their cats and dogs with tailored nutrition, Royal Canin launches its new rewards program—Points on Purchase!

Exclusively available through the Royal Canin Club App, Points on Purchase allows you to earn points with every purchase of participating Royal Canin products. All dry Royal Canin products weighing 1 kilogram and up count, so you have lots of chances to gather your points! Here’s where it gets exciting: the bigger the bag, the more points you get!

Download the app now and follow these steps to get your points!

• First things first: Make sure to download the Royal Canin Club App to earn and redeem your points!
• Look for the Points on Purchase sticker on the Royal Canin product you are purchasing.
• All dry Royal Canin products weighing 1kg and up are included under the program and come with their Points on Purchase sticker!
• Upon purchasing, peel off the sticker to reveal your unique QR Code.
• Scan the QR Code using the Royal Canin Club App’s camera feature.
• Once the QR code is scanned, the app will prompt you to scan the barcode of the purchased product. Have this scanned with the App’s feature as well.
• If you purchased your items in-store, you can get a bonus of two points by scanning or encoding the shop’s referral code.

And that’s it! Points get credited to your Royal Canin Club App account instantly, letting you quickly earn and gather points to redeem rewards!

Of course, that won’t be all—points lead to rewards, too! From comfortable fleece blankets for your pets, new food bowls, measuring cups, leashes, cat tunnels, and e-vouchers on the official Royal Canin Shopee store, to even Royal Canin products themselves, make your future shopping experiences with Royal Canin even more worth it with Points on Purchase.

Points on Purchase will officially be launched this November 4 on Royal Canin’s Facebook page, through a virtual live stream. Make sure to be on the lookout as Royal Canin gives a glimpse of the new rewards program, with some exciting treats awaiting every viewer!

Get started with collecting points with Royal Canin’s Points on Purchase by downloading the Royal Canin Club App, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and don’t miss out on Royal Canin’s Points on Purchase official launch on Facebook!

Visit Royal Canin’s official website and Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts to know more.

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