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Discover life’s pleasures with Nestlé Milk Cream

Let’s face it, juggling our different roles at home, school or work can be challenging these days as we transition back to our pre-pandemic routines. But then, this back-to-normal shift is also a welcome change, as we rediscover the joys and pleasures of life that we’ve sorely missed in the last two years. It could be taking that trip you’ve always dreamed of, carving out time for yourself, or simply finding time to create an extra indulgent dish for you and your loved ones using only the best ingredients.

One special ingredient we’ve recently discovered is Nestlé Milk Cream. Smooth, creamy, and made from fresh milk, Nestlé Milk Cream gives you delectable, indulgent dishes—transforming your meals from good to awesome. The key to great cooking lies in the best ingredients, and Nestlé Milk Cream gives a milky taste and smooth texture so that you can create your signature, indulgent dishes, and desserts.

Try it out for yourself and create indulgence with this Milky Truffle Pasta recipe made with Nestlé Milk Cream—a dish that you’ll enjoy preparing for its simplicity and will love for being extra rich and creamy.

Milky Truffle Pasta with Nestlé Milk Cream

Lightly sauté garlic in butter. Pour water, Nestlé Milk Cream, and truffle oil. Season with Maggi Magic Sarap, pepper, and parmesan cheese. Next, cook spaghetti according to the package direction. Strain spaghetti and toss in the sauce. Cook for another minute. Transfer on a serving plate, top with parsley and serve immediately.

Bake and savor the creamy goodness of your creation. For the full recipe, check out:

Amp up your cooking game and experience creamy indulgence when you create with Nestlé Milk Cream, a little indulgence that lets you experience and live your best life.

For more information and other recipes you can try, check out or visit Nestlé Milk Cream’s official Facebook page.

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