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Travel around the Philippines with J&T Express PH’s newly-launched TVC

Travel around the Philippines with J&T Express PH’s newly-launched TVC

The leading express delivery service provider launches its first-ever TVC,

showcasing its coverage nationwide

J&T Express Philippines, one of the industry-leading logistics and courier service companies in the country and globally, further expands its reach to its customers as it releases its first-ever TVC ad campaign.

Crossing the Philippines from north to south, the visual not only details J&T Express’ dedication to providing quality delivery services but also showcases the beautiful sceneries in the Philippines. From the aerial shots in San Juanico Bridge in Leyte to the majestic windmills, rice fields, and mountainsides in Ilocos where the company’s delivery trucks are traveling, it just goes to show that J&T Express has already achieved its coverage nationwide. 

“We at J&T [Express] have always wanted to share how we stayed committed to providing customer-oriented and efficiency-based delivery service to our Filipino consumers—and this is one way to showcase it with everyone,” says Zoe Chi, Vice President of J&T Express Philippines.

This is also the first time that the general public has seen a fully-automated distribution and sorting equipment, which does not require manual labor. Parcels are automatically identified according to the label and are sorted automatically into specific sacks that will lead them to their destinations. Not only these are efficient, but are also safe and save manpower labor. J&T Express’ investments cost hundreds of millions to sustain the chain supply in fulfilling its goals and achieving shorter delivery lead times as promised.

As seen on the TVC, it also details how the company can reach its customer through all parts of the country by land, air, and sea. Some even use boats just to deliver parcels to their customers.

“Despite all the hurdles caused by the pandemic, this just motivated us to strive for the better and our latest campaign is a testament to let our consumers know that we will always aim to deliver for them across any distances,” Chi continued.

The last scene of the TVC, meanwhile, shows how a J&T Express delivery rider in his motorcycle on the long trail of the road ahead—a metaphor to salute all the couriers who are driving every day on various small roads, islands, mountains, barangays, and sitios. This encompasses the heart and spirit of J&T to serve people across all distances in the Philippines.

About J&T Express

Founded in 2015, J&T Express is a global delivery company with its core business in express services and cross-border logistics. J&T Express’ network spans 13 countries including Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, China, Brazil, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Egypt—serving over two billion people worldwide.

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