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Unleash New Opportunities in Crypto and Gaming Industry

Quitting your day job to earn Php 30, 000 per month by playing games is no longer a dream. Many
have done that and you can also do.

Metaverse and P2E games such as Axie Infinity and Gensokishi Online have brought this endeavour. Play to Earn (P2E) is a new revolution for the e-sport enthusiasts. P2E games also known as NFT
games became a jackpot after the rise of Metaverse. It brings endless opportunities for the
communities as well as Start Up founders!

Here are some of the fresh opportunities in Crypto space:

Language 101
Learning a new language is boring! But it doesn’t have to be. What if you can earn real money while
learning a new language?

Sounds crazy, right?

Language 101 is the next generation learning platform where you earn rewards in crypto while
learning a language. You will be rewarded with tokens that can be converted into real money. Language 101 had its first NFT airdrop in August 2022. It will be fully launched by the end of 2022. This learn to earn game will bring new opportunities for the gaming world.

Meta Life Game
MetaLifeGame is aiming to build the most opened, most democratized and the biggest virtual
economy in the Metaverse space. On MetaLifeGame users can have their separate virtual life. They
will be able to trade and develop NFT land parcels that will be mapped to the earth’s surface. AmigoToken will be the native token for MLG.

So are you ready to create an adventures virtual life with MLG ?

Do you like eggs? Now get ready to raise them

K-Cook is an upcoming NFT game based on cookfighting. In this Metaverse game, players will be able
to raise, grow, nurture, trade eggs and go for cookfighting. It is based on Polygon and will officially belaunched in September 2022. One feature of Tweet to Earn in K-Cook will allow users to earn rewards
by betting in the game and sharing it on social media

If that’s not exciting then what even is?

Everyone likes to be fit. Though it requires habits such as eating healthy, sleeping properly and
working out. However most of us are just not motivated to build them. Fit Health Care aims to changethis. Fits will help you to build these habits through rewards within the Metaverse.

FITS Metaverse will have endless amount of exercises from easy to pro level. Users will be rewardedin tokens. At first users will get an NFT which will be a customized exercise for them. This will allowusers to earn tokens for exercising everyday. FITS will be launched in the Q3 of 2022.

These type of exciting and fresh NFT games and blockchain projects are keep launching. You have tobe at the right place and be with the right people to grab perfect opportunities. However the problemis to keep up with these Metaverse projects, tools and games. That is why METAGAME is here for you!

MetaGame will have its launch party this September 24, 6-9PM at Xylo at the Palace BGC to
showcase various GameFi/ crypto projects and to share how to take full advantage of Web3, Metaverse and P2E projects despite the bear market season. Guilds and local teams will also be thereto testify their biggest wins and challenges in the industry!

Who this event is for?
If you love to network with like-minded web3 enthusiast and can bring influence in the industry , thenthis event is for you. So don’t miss this opportunity to get ready for the future of crypto.

Fill up the RSVP form and wait for our confirmation email to get your event pass. Only the first 200
pax will be accommodated.

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