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At the forefront of a good childhood are grandparents who ensure their children and grandchildren are well taken care of and provided with abundant love, good food, and presents. Wanting only the best for their loved ones, it is only natural that they are shown the sincerest gratitude for all their nurturing, wisdom, and warmth at the very least one day a year.

In celebration of International Grandparents Day, give your grandma and granddad the same nurture and care they have given in the form of a revolutionary smart massage chair. The Ogawa Smart ReLuxe is perfectly suited for the elderly with its many features, including using air pressure to deliver a gentle massage combined with kneading, Swedish techniques, and heat function.

Relieve aches and pains

As the body gets older, joints become brittle and muscles tend to tighten. Smart Reluxe’s Thai stretching massage program focuses on tapping and kneading massage for body stretching, loosening tight muscles, and improving range of motion for flexibility. After a long day out, the Shape & Tone program is the ideal choice for relieving fatigue, restlessness, and soreness in the back, waist, and legs area, while the Neck & Shoulder focuses on the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Ensure a good night’s sleep

A complete 8 hours of sleep lowers the risk of serious health problems, reduces stress, and improves productivity. This can be achieved through light and soothing massage of the whole body at low intensity with the Sweet Dream program – perfect for getting some peace of mind and relaxation before bed. The chair also features a smart Zero Gravity function, where the body weight is evenly distributed throughout the chair, ensuring the massage pressure is also evenly distributed over the entire body, without unnecessarily straining it.

Give grandparents a machine that does it all – alleviates their body aches, ensures a good night’s sleep, and helps improve their overall health. Get the Ogawa Smart ReLuxe and get free Nationwide Shipping via

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