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The Redefinition of the Meisterstück Leather Collection

The Redefinition of the Meisterstück Leather Collection

An enhanced emblem, bold new shapes, luxuriously brilliant leather – Montblanc evolves its signature luxury leather collection as part of its broader leather goods revolution


Meisterstück Collection – Card Holder Red


The pinnacle of luxury in the Maison’s leather goods assortment, Montblanc’s signature Meisterstück Collection has been elevated even further with contemporary round shapes, new design details and a luxurious new leather to achieve a softer touch and a deeper tone of black with a distinctive brilliant finish. The elaborate construction of bags and small accessories is the expression of Montblanc craftsmanship. The addition of original design elements, including a larger Montblanc emblem, contribute to the sophistication and elegance of each piece.

“The aim was to bring the design of the collection even closer to Montblanc’s iconic symbol of timeless luxury – the Meisterstück writing instrument. By mirroring some of its distinguishing features like the nib itself as well as the colour and shine of the pen’s precious resin with its smooth sensual touch, we have created pieces that truly stand out. Not simply because of their elevated design, but because they clearly showcase Montblanc’s DNA”, explains Marco Tomasetta, Montblanc Artistic Director.

Meisterstück Collection – Card Holder
Meisterstück Collection – Compact


Many of the new design details in the collection have been created by Montblanc’s team of in-house designers and have been protected as designs including the nib-shaped zip pulls in vintage palladium. The shape of the nib has been applied to the leather detailing itself, including where handles or straps are attached to the bag. The creative use of the silhouette of the Mont Blanc Mountain enhanced with blue on the exterior of the collection’s Pouch – a design inspired from Montblanc advertising artwork from 1920 – has also been protected.

Symbol of Montblanc craftsmanship and quality, the Montblanc emblem has been revisited for the collection with two significantly larger interpretations on bags, inspired by the Maison’s Heritage writing instrument collection. To preserve the elegance of the lines and shapes of each piece, organization and storage compartments are all hidden inside the bags while not compromising on the functionality of each piece.

Meisterstück Collection – Duffle

Meisterstück Collection – Neo Briefcase

The Large Leather Goods feature a Neo Briefcase, a novel take on a traditional satchel with an elegant metal closure, a Document Case, a Tote and an elegant Duffle, ideal for short trips away.

Meisterstück Collection – Card Holder Blue
Meisterstück Collection – Portfolio


Among the Medium Leather Goods, classic companions for work, the Portfolio and the Pouch with its distinctive mountain design (with a strap, sold separately) can be worn either cross- body or carried as a clutch. Small Leather Goods are available in three different colours – Montblanc black, as well as a red and blue colour drawn from the archive. The selection includes a Compact and Long Wallet, two Card Holders, with basic or enhanced functionality, and Key Pouch, holding credit cards and small cash besides keys. The compact wallet and the key pouch can be carried comfortably with a neck strap (sold separately), thanks to the back- side ring. The novel shape of the Luggage Tags in red and blue evokes the collection’s nib design references.

About Montblanc

Synonymous with excellence in craftsmanship and design, Montblanc has been pushing the boundaries of innovation ever since the Maison first revolutionized the culture of writing in 1906. Ingenuity and imagination continue to be driving forces for the Maison today as it advances its expression of fine craftsmanship across product categories: writing instruments, watches, leather goods, new technologies and accessories. Reflecting upon its ongoing mission to create fine lifetime companions born from bold ideas and expertly crafted through the skills of the Maison’s artisans, the iconic Montblanc Emblem has become the ultimate seal of performance, quality and an expression of sophisticated style. As part of its on-going commitment to elevating and support those who strive to leave their mark, Montblanc continues to assert its encouragement of education programs around the world and initiatives that inspire people to express their full potential.

Montblanc is available at Rustans Makati, Rustans Shangri-La, Rustan’s Cebu, Greenbelt 5, City of Dreams and Resorts World.

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