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Herbie Hard Seltzer delivers Pure Joy with all the flavor Less the Guilt

Happy Living Philippines Corporation announces the launch of Herbie Hard Seltzer, the iconic sparkling alcoholic beverage designed for savvy drinkers who seek a refreshing alcoholic drink alternative to beer or wine without having to compromise on health goals.

At just 95 calories and 1.7 grams of sugar per serving, Herbie Hard Seltzer is made of 100% natural fruit flavor and no artificial ingredients. In addition to being vegan-friendly and gluten-free, each serving also contains 30mg of Vitamin C. Herbie Hard Seltzer makes it possible for health-conscious drinkers to enjoy a refreshing alcoholic drink they can feel about.

Happy Living Philippines Corporation General Manager Julian Gagliardi says, “We’ve seen the phenomenal growth of the hard seltzer category in the US, led by a global consumer movement towards healthier lifestyle choices, and are proud to offer an alternative to the Filipino consumer who wants to live life to the fullest while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Herbie Hard Seltzer defines a whole new category in the all-natural, better-for-you alcoholic beverage offering in the Philippines and will set the stage for future innovations to come.

Herbie Hard Seltzer is the brainchild of three friends who shared an epiphany at a house party. There was no available alternative for the refreshing and thirst-quenching beer but not its taste. The ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage category was also saturated with offerings full of sugar, artificial flavorings, and additives. The challenge was born during that house party to create that ‘alternative’ that would be available in delicious fruit flavors using only the most natural ingredients.

Herbie Hard Seltzer is available in three refreshing flavors:

• Lychee Seltzer will engulf you in its beautiful floral aroma and elegantly sweet finish, just like your first kiss.

• Pineapple Seltzer will remind you of the first time you had ice cream with french fries—mind-bending and oh-so-delicious.

Crisp and refreshing, Lime Seltzer promises more zest than a zigzagging zebra.

Herbie Hard Seltzer is exclusively imported and distributed by Happy Living Philippines Corporation and is now available at all Robinsons Marketplace. To know more, follow @herbiehardseltzer on Instagram or visit www.herbiehardseltzer.com

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