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Annyeong, K-fans! Pack your bags and get ready to meet your oppas again soon!

Annyeong, K-fans! Pack your bags and get ready to meet your oppas again soon!

Mr. Byun Young-geun, Manager of Jeju Self-Governing Province Tourism Policy with Ms. Michelle Taylan, PTAA President

When the pandemic hit, South Korea closed its borders to most foreign countries, including the Philippines. Recently, Jeju Tourism Organization has invited several Philippine Travel Agents including the Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA), led by PTAA President, Ms. Michelle Taylan, and other Philippine travel agencies, to be the first ever international travel agents to visit South Korea since the pandemic! This invitation is in preparation for the reopening of Korean borders to foreign tourists, most especially, the Filipinos. Other travel agencies invited were Las Palmas Tours and Travel led by Ms. Josephine Jo, Horizon Travel & Tours Inc. led by Ms. Carolyn Cua, Covenant Travel and Tours led by Ms. Marie Elena Publico, Tourboxph Co led by Ms. Arabelle Balita, Airlite Travel and Tour led by Ms. Khryzel Salinas, and Rakso Air Travel & Tours Inc. led by Ms. Genelyn Bonto.

On a 5-day event last April 20-24, 2022, Byun Young-Geun, Manager of Jeju Self-Governing Province Tourism Policy and Jeju Tourism President and CEO, Ms. Koh Eun-Sook, personally welcomed our Philippine representatives and highlighted how our country is an important and vital contributor to their tourism economy. Jeju Tourism Organization is looking towards PTAA’s support for their efforts in the revival of Jeju Tourism.

Jeju Tourism President and CEO, Ms. Koh Eun-Sook (left), PTAA President, Ms. Michelle Taylan (right)

Manager Byun Youn-Geun mentioned during the interview that with the resumption of international flights, He asked for the cooperation of the Ministry of Justice or the Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention in bringing back visa-free flights.  PTAA President, Michelle Taylan commented that “the visa-free travel is a great news to all Filipino travelers and many other things will proceed well through the visa-free resumption.”

This business fam trip aims to show and re-experience Jeju in the new normal and bring back foreigners’ confidence to travel again. The Philippine travel agents are hopeful that the borders will reopen soon as many Filipinos are excited to revisit the place of their favorite Korean dramas.

Josephine Jo, Carolyn Cua, Maria Elena Publico, Arabelle Balita, Khryzel Salinas, Genelyn Bonto with PTAA president Michelle Taylan

PTAA will be holding its 29th Travel Tour Expo and 7th International Travel Trade Expo (B2B) on June 24-26, 2022 at the SMX Convention Center and remains as the country’s biggest single annual travel and tourism event. President Taylan is very optimistic that both events will provide a huge boost to the Tourism industry of the Philippines and provide confidence to the public to travel locally and internationally again. Attend the PTAA Travel Expo and get amazing deals. Let us all hope to fly to South Korea real soon!




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