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Hybrid Work Essentials for Every Professional

With the rising trend of the hybrid work arrangement, Rustan’s invites every professional to gear up with the right essentials that would make the adjustment more comfortable. Known for offering the finest brands, the premium department store aids the working population to quickly ease into the current new normal while directing their focus on their daily tasks without a fuss.

For office workers

Going back and forth between the office and the home can feel a little surprising at first after the two-year hiatus. Minimize body pain that comes with the initial shock of moving more frequently with the Anomeo Neck Roll Pillow, designed to alleviate neck pain and lower back pressure during long drives or sitting. Likewise, the Ergonomic Back Support Pillow helps relieve lower and middle back pain caused by hours in the car or at the desk, while ensuring healthy posture by maintaining the natural curve of the spine.

Always maintain a professional look online or offline by keeping wardrobes updated, wearing confidence-boosting fragrances, and maintaining healthy-looking hair. For blouses, button-downs, shirtdresses, and more browse through Yoya‘s stylish and functional pieces like the Arezzo Tuxedo Top and the Parkdale Dress. Complement it with a captivating scent like Bvlgari‘s floral-musky Rose Goldea Blossom Delight for women, or the Man in Black with daring notes of rum, leather, and vibrant spices for men. Finally, protect your hair and scalp against environmental stressors with L’Occitane’s Anti-Pollution Hair Mist.

For artists and creatives

Performers, hosts, instructors, and artists can finally welcome audiences face to face again as they thrive in the twinkling spotlight. For a youthful glow, apply Clarins Double Serum—a two-phase formula that’s packed with 21 potent plant extracts to visibly firm, smooth, and boost radiance in just seven days. Meanwhile, Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea helps keep skin refreshed amidst bustling schedules.

As multi-city and out-of-town productions become more frequent, it’s necessary to have the right accessories for smooth-sailing trips. Travel Blue is a go-to brand for back-to-work essentials that promise safety and comfort. It features a wide range of items including high-density memory foam pillows for neck support, full-size foldable carry bags to store all kinds of on-the-go essentials, and fabric face masks.

For content creators

The summer season is looking more action-packed this year as beach clubs, resorts, and other outdoor centers are opening doors for the public to enjoy. Create the most engaging content without burning under the sizzling sun—Anessa guarantees utmost protection through its wide selection of skincare products for every skin type.

Looking nice and presentable in front of the camera is always a must. Immortalize a good hair day with Denman combs and brushes, professionally crafted for styling and healthy hair care. Pair a good hair day with a comfortable outfit like the RN Pleats Prints Dress from Big is Beautiful, all adding up to good summer vibes.

For freelancers

Go-getters require a trustworthy brand so they can keep their focus fixed on incoming projects with effortless confidence. Nuxe offers a bouquet of categories dedicated to skin and hair care, such as the Prodigious Collection which consists of the brand’s iconic products. Keep your face and body soft and moisturized even after hours of speaking or working in varying locations and temperatures.

Embrace hybrid work with the help of Rustan’s, the home of the finest brands to meet your every need—be it for skincare, haircare, fragrance, apparel, and other lifestyle accessories.

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