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DKNY Spring/Summer 2022 wants you to just “Do Your Thing”

DKNY continues the evolution of “Do Your Thing” with its Spring/Summer 2022 Campaign, reinforcing values intrinsic to the brand’s ethos. Photographed by Marili Andre and styled by Edward Bowleg, “Do Your Thing For Love” kicks off a series of monthly themes, followed by “Do Your Thing For Fun,” “Do Your Thing For Family,” “Do Your Thing For The Future,” and “Do Your Thing For Community.”

For over 30 years, DKNY has embodied a city-savvy style for those with a unique point of view. DKNY encourages individuality, respects the hustle, and empowers positive intentional action. “Doing Your Thing” is the truest form of self-expression, but it’s what one does it for that has true meaning. This season, the brand looked to its community of multifaceted creatives to show not only how they do their thing, but who or what they do it for.

When it comes to love, all have a story or two to share. “Do Your Thing For Love,” features real-life couples, model Ebonee Davis & rapper Smino, designer Lindsay Vrckovnik & model Tyler Blue Golden, showing what they do for love and how they explore meaningful connections in modern-day New York.

In March, DKNY will launch “Do Your Thing For Fun,” spotlighting one-of-a-kind comedian, Carly Aquilino and how she embraces humor and joy in the day-to-day grind. Carly is a reminder to rewrite the rules and have fun while doing it.

DKNY values family. Starring in April’s “Do Your Thing For Family,” self-made twin DJs, Coco & Breezy, along with their mom Dianna, show what family means to them and what they would do for one another. For May and June, “Do Your Thing For The Future” and “Do Your Thing For Community” are call-to-action spurring positive change.

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