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Ultrafresh Diapers Introduces Negosyo Packages to Help Enterprising Filipinos

The ultra-thin baby diaper brand Ultrafresh has rolled out its Business Starter Pack program for partners who want to earn extra income during the pandemic and participate in the growing popularity of its diaper products.

The Business Starter Pack program priced at PHP25,000 exclusive of VAT, will include all the available sizes of taped and training pants diapers, the retailer also has the option to create their own package worth P25,000.

“We at Ultrafresh are proud to welcome partners to our growing family of entrepreneurs. The growth of e-commerce in the Philippines has meant that Filipinos from all walks of life can build their own business and gain from the expansion of promising brands. Their success is our success at Ultrafresh, too,” says Michelle Garcia-Arce, President of Salmo Trading and Distribution Corporation, the company behind the distribution of Ultrafresh.

The Business Starter Pack program is part of Ultrafresh’s launch and expansion in the Philippines, aiming to offer a quality alternative to families from all walks of life.

To know more about the business starter pack, contact 0966 6416663. Follow Ultrafresh in Facebook and Instagram @ultrafreshph and visit their website

Quality diapers

Ultrafresh believes that quality should not come at a steep cost for households. Its products’ superior function and affordability have thus made it a beloved brand for mothers who wish not just the best for their babies but also the comfort of their families.

Ultrafresh ultra-thin diapers are lightweight, flexible, and designed for tropical weather. It features a high absorption capacity suitable for day and night use and a rapid-acting dryness that keeps moisture away from the baby’s skin.

In addition, ultrafresh’s small and medium taped diapers are between 11% to 20% less than premium diapers, while large to 2XL sizes are 30% to 40% more affordable. A few pesos of extra savings can indeed go a long way for Filipino families that require multiple packs of diapers every week.

Ultrafresh is the only diaper brand that is so thin, babies can barely feel it. Lightweight and flexible, Ultrafresh is the perfect diaper for the tropical weather. It features a high absorption capacity suitable for day and night use, and its rapid-acting dryness keeps moisture away from the baby’s skin. Its elasticized waistband makes for a better snug fit for active babies.



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