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Sheraton Manila’s Prime Korean Restaurant, OORI Reopen

A net grill is used for beef



Prime Korean restaurant OORI at Sheraton Manila Hotel is now open! OORI, means “ours,” is inspired by the hotel’s brand of being a gathering place for family and friends. Guests get to enjoy their personal choice of meat served with refillable banchan or Korean side dishes along with other Korean food favorites such as bibimbap, street food, drinks, and dessert.




Be welcomed by OORI’s bibimbap section.




OORI’s grilling section uses downdraft ventilation for a smokeless grilling experience.




Enjoy Korean barbecue along with Korean dipping sauces and a variety of side dishesthat go along with the premium cuts of meat such as Australian Mulwarra Wagyu 9+ and Duroc Pork.




With more Korean barbecue spots emerging, what sets OORI apart from most Korean restaurants lies in the grill and the variety of meat. OORI’s grill differs for every kind of meat—flat grill for pork and net grill for beef to make sure that the meat is cooked evenly. The downdraft ventilation allows a smokeless grilling experience while their premium cuts of meat has a high focus on quality. Among the selection is the highly-marbled Australian Mulwarra Wagyu 9+ that carries a “melts in the mouth” moisture and tenderness and Duroc Spanish Pork also known as the Angus beef for pork because of its juiciness as Duroc’s breed is naturally fed with chestnuts.




A flat grill is used for pork.




Dakgangjung or Korean fried chicken in sweet and spicy sauce



Kimchi Jeun (Korean pancake)




Apart from the grill, OORI also serves bibimbap from the crowd favorite Bulgogi (sweet soy sauce marinated beef), Haemul (spicy marinated seafood) to Sisig, a Filipino iteration of the classic bibimbap. Their crispy Dakgangjung or Korean fried chicken in sweet and spicy sauce that goes perfectly well with beer is also available in the menu along with the popular Tteok Bokki (rice and fish cake). There are also options for savory pancakes from Yachae Jeun or assorted vegetables to Kimchi Jeun that is generously loaded with their signature Kimchi. Not to forget their Haemul Ramyeun, a spicy noodle drowned in assorted seafood broth with prawns, squid, and mussels as well as their sweet and tangy Japchae (stir-fried glass noodle with beef and vegetables). The OORI experience is not complete with a dessert to end every meal. Get to enjoy Bingsu, a traditional Korean dessert made of shaved ice, drizzled with milk, and topped with seasonal fruits. Choose between their Fresh Mango Bingsu or Fresh Mixed Fruits Bingsu.




OORI serves refillable banchan or Korean side dishes when guests dine in.



Bulgogi Bibimbap (sweet soy sauce marinated beef), Dakganjung (Korean fried chicken in sweet and spicy glaze), Tteok Bokki (rice and fish cake in sweet and spicy sauce), Haemul Denjang Jjigae (seafood with soybean paste), and Dulce Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich



Executive Korean Chef Park Kibum and Executive Chef Kiko Santiago works hand in hand in leading the culinary team of OORI.



General Manager Anna Liza Vergara of Sheraton Manila Hotel



For intimate gathering’s, OORI also have private dining rooms available.

Guided by the brand’s strong Commitment to Clean, stringent health and safety protocols are observed to ensure the well-being of all diners. Careful and frequent disinfection and sanitation, sneeze guards, social distancing practices, QR-code enabled menu, and contactless payment are some of the best practices of the hotel.




Sheraton Manila reopens prime Korean restaurant, OORI.




OORI is open every Wednesday to Sunday from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. For inquiries and reservation at

OORI, contact (02) 7902-1800 or (0956) 317-3986.

For inquiries and orders for Sheraton Manila Hotel’s offers, call (+632) 7902-1808. For more information on the latest offers and to join ongoing conversations, visit hotel and follow @sheratonmanila on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Join Make it Marriott Viber Community to be on the loop.







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