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Gloria Ragasa, California-based nurse


There were times when my family barely had two pesos in our pockets. My parents had seven children. Their earnings were barely enough for all of us. Those were very hard times but we didn’t stop dreaming. With a lot of sacrifice I finished med school in Pampanga. That still wasn’t enough. I took advantage of working in the US as a n.urse which enabled me to earn more money than working as a doctor in the Philippines.


There was stigma at that time about doctors giving up their degrees in the Philippines and settling to be nurses abroad. But that didn’t stop me from trying to achieve my dreams. Again, with a lot of sacrifice I was able to work as a nurse at a dialysis clinic. Each day I had to cheer up dialysis patients, telling them not to lose hope and take each day as a blessing.


Now, I’m 59 and living with my husband in the Bay Area. We were not blessed with children but my life is full because I’m able to serve in a clinic, especially during this pandemic.


I also advise people on investment. Seeing how I can bring joy to people who have financial challenges gives me happiness.


I invested at SMDC buying two properties at pre-selling rates. I plan to buy more. I know for a fact that in a few years, I can sell those properties at a much higher price.


Living abroad is hard work. Investing wisely helps me earn more. When there’s a will, there will always be a way. That’s what I Iearned.#


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