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Good Guys Bring Great Smiles

Online or onsite, Bayanihan is alive and well in SMDC communities.




Dr. Noli Marquez and Dr. Arden Perez at Trees Residences




The COVID-19 pandemic is being felt much more this year, as it seems to be hitting closer to home. We are striving to stay hopeful, but there are aspects of our health – mental, physical and even dental – that are feeling the brunt of the outbreak.


The Health and Wellness Caravan organized by SMDC in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross has been doing the rounds of SMDC properties in Metro Manila since last year. The volunteer dentist found that most of the dental problems were caused by the food the residents were eating out of stress and distress: sweets.


What can we do about it? Help the community, in true Good Guys fashion, of course


Dentists on the web

In December, Dr. Noli Marquez of Trees Residences and Dr. Arden Perez of Grass Residences, who operate a dental clinic in Quezon City together, brought smiles to SMDC communities through a webinar. The goal was to elevate the oral-hygiene level and improve the dental health of patients especially during these difficult times. The webinar attendees were given the opportunity to have one-on-one consultations with the dentists.


“It’s an advocacy and a commitment despite the odds,” says Dr. Perez. The pandemic has made dental-service provision costlier and more tedious, so the dentist duo looked at the webinar as an opportunity to help more people.


“Not all people can go to dental clinics these days due to ongoing restrictions,” says Dr. Marquez. “Our session was interactive. We immediately provided advice to situations and issues that were raised by our participants.”


This meant teaching residents remedies the moment they develop dental issues like toothaches. “We taught them practical steps they could take to prevent dental problems especially while quarantined,” Dr. Marquez adds.



Residents who care

Dr. Marquez practices general and aesthetic dentistry while Dr. Perez specializes in cases that require surgical intervention. To help patients at this difficult time, the duo keeps their fees at a minimum, even with the additional costs of PPEs and with the limit in the number of patients they can attend to.


Not only that. They take in indigent patients and waive consultation and procedure fees.


“We may not be able to fully offer free services, but in our own little way, we want to align with how SMDC reaches out to extend a helping hand not just to residents but also to people beyond our communities,” says Dr. Perez. “It is fulfilling just to be able to help.”


Extending a lifeline is, after all, the core of being a Good Guy. It is about each of us making the commitment to take care of our residents and surrounding communities –  volunteering time and services and making a real effort to live green and reduce our carbon footprints. It is about nurturing good hearts and brave spirits that continue to give even while they are experiencing hard times.


When we care for our community, our community cares for us. We then all thrive happily, healthily and securely.#



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