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Kitsho makes use of the freshest catch to create the most sumptuous sushi slices.



Like feathers on one’s cap, anniversaries are milestones to undertakings and ventures. This October, Kitsho is celebrating its third year in the business of bringing authentic Japanese cuisine to both Filipino gourmets and gourmands. It has, through the years, remain steadfast in its aim of bringing the best-tasting Japanese dishes to the discerning palate of Filipino diners.

As part of its anniversary blitz, Kitsho offers the freshest catch and farm produce with an unlimited sampling of its sushi and maki concoctions.  Guests will surely enjoy these must-try Japanese cuisine staples. The sushi selections will proffer mouthwatering servings of fresh king salmon, maguro nigeri (tuna), as well as white fish.

The maki options, on the other hand, feature the all-time Pinoy fave, California maki, with its tasty mixture of ripe mangoes, kani (crab sticks), lettuce and cucumber all wrapped in sushi rice and garnished with flying fish roe.

Then there’s the equally delectable Futo Maki, which is the traditional Japanese big roll. Diners could also relish the tangy Negitoro Maki, with its delectable melding of ground tuna and spring onions.




The maki selections feature Pinoy faves like the California Maki, as well as traditional choices like the Futo Maki and Negitoro Maki.



The unlimited sushi and maki anniversary special is priced at Php 1,400 (VAT included) for two persons and comes with a complimentary glass of iced tea .  Should diners opt for bottomless iced tea, they simply add Php 149 (VAT included) to their tab.

All the other favorite Japanese dishes will be available through the a la carte menu. Simply tell the waiting staff which dish you want to savor, and they’ll readily prepare it for you.

Kitsho Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar is managed and operated by MCK Millennium Foods, Inc.  and is conveniently located at the ground level of Hotel Jen Manila, right across the sprawling CCP Complex along Roxas Boulevard’s sunset strip on the historic Manila Bay area.

For reservations, simply call the restaurant’s trunkline through telephone number  994-3623.  You may also want to check Kitsho’s social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates and promotions.




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